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  • megan-bakutis
    I just wanted to put this out there as a genreal curiosity. For the past three years I have been unable to see my neurologist, who works at the only MS clinic in my city, because my heath insurance changed. There were all of a sudden massive co-pays and I just couldn't afford her. Thankfully, I will be going back to her starting the end of this month (!!!), but I was wondering how many others have been effected by something like this? 
  • beaurylancambria
    Last year I got insurance through the marketplace. It started Jan 1st. I called the first week to get an appt. with a primary doctor, just to get a referral for a neurologist. The first appt. I could get was May. In May I got my appt. for Sept. So it basically took 9 months to get an appt. I did not like her at all, and will not be going back. At the end of the year, I found out my plan would not be available for 2017. I picked a new plan and paid mid Dec. for the plan to start Jan. 1st. Although they have sent me a bill for my Feb. premium at least 10 times, they havent had time to send me my insurance card. So the answer is YES! I feel your frustration.
  • ms_navigator_sam
    These kinds of changes can be so frustrating! I'm glad you will be able to get back to her starting this month!