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  • Sam22

    With the ACA act passing the house, I admit I am scared...beyond what is anywhere near healthy. I know, that it is not final, and still has some way to go, but in my panic, I want and need to start planning ahead. 

    At the moment I am covered by my father's insurance (under 25), but I do not know how the new ACA will affect coverage of sort. All I do know is that the new ACA is changing the rulings that come with Pre-Exsisting conditions as well as how insurance companies have to treat individuals with such. 

    Does anyone have any recomendations on how to start looking into Private Insurance, or course of action, or who to get in contact with about such?

  • sharon-peer
    Thank you for wanting to be involved!  This fight needs all the young people we can get.  Contact your Senators and House members.  You can easily look them up online and they usually have a contact link on their websites.  Support the advocacy of organizations like the National MS Society. They are all fighting for you. Tell your story. Lawmakers need to know the stories of people like you who are very frightened. My daughter is in a similar situation. She is fortunate enough to still be working, but this new bill also has the potential of impacting existing employer coverage in states that request waivers to the essential benefits.  In addition, her husband is a cancer survivor and they both live with the fear of losing everything.  Let's hope the Senate will add some sanity to the process. Stay strong and keep fighting!! Thank you. 
  • MS_Navigator_Steph
    Hello Sam22,

    I agree with Sharon and encourage you to contact your state senators and your house representative.

    At this time, we don't know if the American Health Care Act will pass in the Senate or what changes will be made, but the Society will continue to advocate for access to affordable and comprehensive health coverage and care for individuals and families affected by MS.  You can read our statement regarding the House vote at this link. I also encourage you to sign up for alerts and other email notifications by becoming an MS Activist.

    MS Navigator Stephanie

  • radarsmom
    Sam, I know this can be scary because it's unknown. It's not good for a person with or without MS to fear the unknown. It is good to try to prepare, but in this case that's a bit difficult to do. First, we don't know what if anything we are preparing for. This thing as is most likely won't pass the Senate. There will more than likely be some addendum, modification, or change. This is a long process. The next thing to keep in mind is that the American Healthcare Act doesn't state ALL health insurers must suddenly stop covering pre-existing conditions. In fact, it says they need to cover pre-existing conditions however two things 1. They choose how much/what to cover and 2. They may charge you more for your policy. There is a clause about not having coverage for 63 consecutive days and then getting a new policy that has to with pre-existing conditions. I'm not fully clear on that part yet. You can google how healthcare reform has changed over the years. If you are so inclined become an activist, write your senator. For you, call your insurance and ask questions. Find out from your doctor how much your tests cost and from your pharmacy how much your meds cost. Know the numbers so your ready if the worst happens and know there is a ton of help out there if you just ask. :)
  • boltsfan
    When the bill passed the House, I was in the hospital having just been diagnosed with MS. I have an ACA plan. I have a law degree, so I understand this is just the first step, but they won't stop trying. I highly recommend calling (or emailing, tweeting, whatever you can) every representative that voted yes to reprimand them, but more importantly every single senator to warn them of the consequences of repealing the ACA. Try not to worry because no matter what, nothing will change soon. 

    I am by by no means an expert on insurance, so please take this advice with that in mind: I believe maintaining coverage is the best thing you can do. Do not let your plan lapse. 

    I hope you are feeling okay. I have already learned what happens when you combine MS and stress. 😠 If you want to talk, I'm always available (although as a new member, I'm not yet sure how this works for private messaging features or whatever...)
  • bubbadog66
    You've got great advise...I already warned my Senators via email and scolded my 1 of 2 US Reps for siding with Mr Trump on this legislation that lacks compassion for less fortunate US CITIZENS. I praised the other for a job well done!! I also warned my state's Trump-minded Governor.

    We help foreign nations and non-US citizens MORE than we help our own out. Scary and sad!! Look at how our country treats our retired and disabled vets!!!! It is discusting. We call ourselves a civilized nation!!??

    Mr Trump claims to be the worlds smartest man....hmmm... to think i never realized that I am nothing but a "lazy" whiner and blowing out of proportion through my own sheer ignorance that without health care people die....silly me!? Oh wait, I am one of those older less fortunate people slipping through the cracks because of the flawed system designed to provide us who paid in for years a sense of "social security"...i guess going back on their deal is ok in the name of national security and tax reforms that benefit only the healthy wealthy pretty people who will NEVER need to use this system they subject the rest of us to. Last i heard that is unconstitutional.