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  • nlgordaz
    I'm exploring living options for my dad. He's had MS for 25 years. He has to move out of his house and is unable to earn an income.  He receives $1,100 per month in Social Securty and all of his medical is covered by the state of California.

    Are there programs that provide free housing for very low income, disabled people?
  • MS_Navigators

    I'd suggest contacting your HUD to see what programs would be available to your father, such as Section 8 housing: HUD

    I also suggest reading through our housing guide, which has a lot of helpful information about finding affordable, accessible housing in your father's area: Housing Guide

    If you have any questions, please call 1-800-344-4867 to speak to an MS Navigator Monday through Friday, 7am-5pm MT. 

    Take care,
    MS Navigator Abigail