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  • dcyrdomiko1
    I was wondering if anyone would know this answer. Would headphones 🎧 such as the Bose headphones be covered under insurance (medical)

    I remember being at my daughter’s apt @ school, someone bought her these gorgeous, unbelievable Bose headphones set to block out noise. When I was there I actually used them to help me calm down. The last several days after my set of infusion s I was actually wishing I had those headphones. 
    I’m noticing noise is really bothering me. I’m not sure why but boy I could use those right about now. 
    These things were unbelievable. Takes out all surrounding noise, the comforts of playing water or even the sounds of the ocean relaxed me so much. The cupped headphones added perfect fit as well as any outside noise from coming in. These go over $300.00 and are so worth every penny but not on my champagne taste and beer budget. 
    I truly believe these would be so beneficial for calming nerves and remaining stress free who suffer from this disease. 
    I cannot put my finger on why noises are now bothering me but definitely found a good solution. 
    Does anyone get bothered by noises? Makes me pretty jumpy when I’m trying really hard to recover. So yeah......if not covered we need to find away to get help for these. 
  • maria1
    I expect you would need a prescription from a doctor, you might want to call the National  MS Society ti get their feedback.

    With a prescription you would probably have to pay out of pocket and deduct it as medical expense, maybe???
  • dcyrdomiko1
    Good idea. Tysm 
  • frillie
    Bose are certainly excellent, but they're not the only option for great noise cancelling headphones. In my opinoin, part of the high price is paying for the recognizable brand name. I recently got a pair of Cowin blutooth noise cancelling headphones that ran about $95 and they're just as good as the Bose pair my friend has.

    Some electronic stores will have samples out to test, if cost is an issue, I highly recommend looking around to find a pair that works well for you and your budget.

    Good luck!
  • dcyrdomiko1
    Tysm do these have the same ear muff fitting as well? I’m really liking this idea for headphones. Never realized how sensitive my ears are now getting. I will definitely look these up to.