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  • toyman
    Hello Im Charles I have MS. I can  not work and I need help with my MS doctors, tests, and the like. I have no health insurance and I'm getting tired alot more and seem to be more on the couch then active. My wife (a double lung transplant recipent) and two son are helpful but I am getting more and more depressed over my inabilties. I cant get disabilty and half no income of my own. Please Help me. 
  • maria1
    Hello Charles, My best advice is to call the National MS Society, they are there to help us find answers to all the things we have problems with. Speak with a navigator who will check all their data bases for the information you need.

    It is still summer and I have been the same as you, doing little, and then a couple of days it was not nearly as hot and I felt like I came out of hibernation for a little bit. The only thing good about summer is looking out the window at all the things that have grown as well as the birds and butterflies, and it has been humid besides hot, i just hope we have a long autuum, I only do stuff in spring and autumn, otherwise I am hibernating, a nicer word than vegitating, giggle.

    Thank you very much for sharing, hearing from people with ms is a great way to work on solving problems especially since a lot of us dont get out and about. maria
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi Charles, welcome to our community.  I have some resources to share with you here, but like Maria said, you are also welcome to give us a call at 1-800-344-4867 if you would prefer to speak directly with an MS Navigator.  We can answer questions about MS, provide emotional support resources, and get you information and resources related to health insurance and benefits.

    This is a list of resources that help with certain healthcare expenses for individuals who are uninsured:
    • Find local neurologists here.  Some may offer lower cost services to uninsured individuals, but if this isn’t included in the comments you will have to call their offices directly to find out if this is available.  Programs that help may be called sliding fee, charity care or indigent care. 
    • If you cannot find a local neurologist who can see you at lower cost, a health center may be an option.  Click here to locate health centers in your area; keep in mind that they generally do not offer neurology services but may have general practitioners who can prescribe MS medications and may be able to facilitate referrals to specialists.
    • If you need emergency care while uninsured, a Safety Net Hospital may be able to provide you with free or lower-cost care.  
    • The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation offers a healthcare assistance grant for uninsured individuals.  Call them at 888-673-6287 or apply online.  This program may help to pay for 2 visits to an MS neurologist.

    Have you tried appealing any denials you may have received from Social Security for disability benefits?  Please know you are welcome to call us if you would like to discuss Social Security benefits in more detail.  We are happy to help you to see that you are accessing any possible benefit program that you may be eligible for.  We can take a look at health insurance as well - but if you are not eligible for Medicaid (which depends on the state you live in), there may not be any options at this time of year.

    Thank you for reaching out and let us know if you think of any questions!