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Employment and MS

Struggling Teachers with MS*

I am a 31 year old elementary teacher in Canada with MS. I was diagnosed 10 years ago but I was uneffected until a year and a half ago when my son was about 6 months old. I am having a terrible time with my walking and balance. My right leg doesn't pick up (foot drop) and my calf muscles are weak. I have… Read More


HI. I'm just in the process of being diagnosed with MS.  I'm 38 and I'm a teacher.  I'd kind of like to see if it is possile to form a network of fellow teachers who have MS.  Please respond to this or contact me privately if you are a teacher.  (currently teaching with MS, or have stopped teaching due to… Read More

Loss of job during pandemic *

I am new to this site but I wanted to get my experience out there because I feel it shows what can happen to those of with any disabilities during pandemics. First, I am a teacher at a small private Catholic preschool. I was diagnosed with MS in July 2018. Although I have some health issues,  I continue to be… Read More


I am researching an issue with the ADA and job duties and classifications.  It looks like this section is absorbed into the Rehabiitation Act from the ADA but .  I am currenty in a job series that is federal law enforcement.  My duties on the other hand are considered secondary law enforcement.  It would be… Read More

Newly diagnosed teacher *

I was recently diagnosed with MS.  I am a teacher in a high school and wanted to know how other teachers feel about working with MS.   I have missed a ton of days this year and so far behind where i should be.  I feel like anytime one of my students coughs or sneezes i end up being out or work for a day or two.… Read More

MS, Work, and Autistic Child*

I am a married mother of two diagnosed with RR MS 5 years ago. The diagnosis came when my youngest was a year and a half. He was our preemie born 6 weeks early. And age 3 he was diagnosed with moderate to severe Autism. He’s 5 and in Kindergarten. His intelligence is where it’s supposed to be. But his verbal… Read More

Changing from Full-Time to Part-Time Work *

Has anyone changed from full time to part time and been successful in obtaining disability benefits if they were needed. If so can you give some pointers on how to move through the process. I have considered changing my employment to work part time. However, I don’t know if the change is feasible. I thought if… Read More


I have been employed at the same place for 7 years. I was diagnosed with MS in October 2018 but have been having problems for 2 years. Now my employer has cut my hours because I have to call out of work sometimes. It hurts to know that is how much loyalty means now days. Read More


Hello everyone, I am trying to return to the job market after five years on SSD, thanks to being in remission and feeling better than I have in years.  Explairing being out of work for so long is, of course, tricky.  I have pretty decent cover letter ready to go, but a friend who works for the company that I… Read More

Military Service*

Has anyone else been in the Military and gotten diagnosed with MS, and if so were you medically separated or retired? I have been in the Marine Corps for almost 7 years and was planning on making a career out of it. I had a good career going for me. Got promoted to Sergeant at 3 years in. Now I am getting… Read More

Working in medical field *

hi everyone, I was diagnosed just this past week. So far I feel ok as far as symptoms go. I am a 28 year old pharmacist. My job is highly stressful, I’m on my feet constantly and thinking constantly. I’m nervous that one day soon I won’t be able to work since ms is so unpredictable. I also pay $2000 a month in… Read More

Positive workplace experience?*

Hi all. I was diagnosed two years ago. RRMS. I have tried hard to maintain my career. I work for a large company and they hold themselves out as a company that wants to be an employer of choice with people with disabilities. The reality is that it is still a challenge to have MS and work here. While there are… Read More

Nursing school *

hello, I was  diagnosed with MS 2018, 2 months before starting nursing school. The stress is a lot and I’m worried it will bring back my MS symptoms. There are days I want to quit but I can’t. I guess I’m looking for encouragement of someone else that’s going through the same thing.  I’m juggling family and… Read More

Just diagnosed 2 weeks ago. Lost.*

Hey guys. My names taylor, was diagnosed with ms 2 weeks ago. About 2 months ago I had double vision and then for about a month now I have developed a slurred speech. Still kind of letting it sink in a guess. Looking for some advice. Especially nervous about working again since I work in customer service where… Read More

Full time employment for RRMS*

Does anyone have any useful tips, links or companies that cater to those of us with MS? I am currently employed as an inventory director at a dealership and have been for 6 years. This is the first year out of the last 3 or 4 I haven't relapsed or been over exerted through the summer. I switched from avonex to… Read More


Hi - I was diagnosed with MS in 2016 towards the tail end of an intensive one-year master's program.  I was lucky to have people supporting me, so I finished my degree on time, and got a really great job that I love.  Fast forward to today.  I have a lot of people in my job and my life who are encouraging me… Read More

Handicap accessible/driving issues*

I currently work a full time job, but they office is not handicap accessible. I have a gait and balance issue that makes climbing the stairs difficult, it's even harder going down the stairs. Heading into winter in PA I'm extremely nervous about this issue. I have problems on a sunny day day. I am leaving my… Read More