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Employment and MS

What type of jobs are best?*

Hello, I am brand new to this, so please help if you can. I currently work at the mall, which means constant standing, and it's finally to the point where I need to look at other options. My current boss is understanding, but it would be better for both of us if I leave (sales on my part affect how the… Read More


I am 27 years old and was diagnosed 5 months ago. They found 4 prominent and 4 non prominent lesions on my brain. I had to take a personal leave of absense for over a month because of the symptoms.Well since I've been back I've taken several days off because of the MS symptoms. The chronic fatigue and lack… Read More

Desire to return to work*

Hi all, I am 47 years old have been struggling with MS related fatigue and cognitive impairment since Dec 2013 and went on disability back then. I miss working and feel deflated about not contributing to society. I have contacted the local state Vocational Rehab office to help me maybe land a part-time job. I… Read More

Living Abroad in China with MS *

Hi all! I'm 28 years old and am leaving in August for China. I plan to teach English for a year. Does anyone here enjoy travel? Has anyone spent more than a month abroad or have any resources on living overseas with MS? The only hiccup I have at this point is finding a way to get my Gilenya prescription while… Read More

Employment discrimination/retaliation*

Good morning. Looking for some guidance  and suggestions. My husband has MS and continues to work full time. It has become increasingly difficult though, and he recently requested some accommodations from his employer. We did a lot of research on ADA and he made a simple request for a modified schedule to… Read More


My question is I have been working with my husband at home for about 6 years. Before that worked outside my home for many years after being diagnosed with MS. Now the last year my reight side is very fatugued. My hand and leg which means I can no longer do data entry at a fast pace. I am trying for disability… Read More

MS law enforcement*

I was recently called about having to live up to the standard of the Arizona Department of Corrections even though I have reasonable accomodations to take part in the hiring process. My question is, Can state agecies supercede the federal government such as in a federal mandate to provide  reasonable… Read More

RRMS + Work = Angry Boss*

Since I've been diagnosed with RRMS, I have noticed that it has affected my job. I work with kids on a daily basis. When the nicer weather appears, we tend to do a lot of outdoor activities with them which I love. However, with my heat sensitivity, I have a hard time keeping up with them. I'm miserable and can… Read More

Back to School?*

In February 2008 I started a business with my parents.  We have a small BBQ restaurant in GA.  Though I had had random symptoms for years, the long hours and the heat started making my body go crazy and I started my quest for diagnosis.  In February 2012, I was diagnosed as relapsing/remitting.  At first I… Read More

Changing career *

Hi my name is reed. I was diagnosed Dec 2015 with Ms since then life hasn't been the same as it was. I am a career automotive mechanic and after a year of looking I was offered a job at a GM dealership as a service writer I left my job of 5 years for that position and within 3 weeks they fired me because they… Read More

Long Term Goals seem so far fetched*

I was diagnosed with MS a year ago. Along with that a few months later I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia. I have been suffer with this since before my diagnosis and did not know what it was. I feel like my goals that I want to achieve are so far fetched because of both illiness. I have my MBA and I had… Read More

Work and ms*

I have been looking for ways of working for 15 years but what's the since in that when ssi tells me I can only make 85.00 over my amount that I receive.Know matter how hard I try I get knoc!ed down Kansas just sucks plus my wife is needing to be on ssi and they tell us that two people in the same household get… Read More

Cognitive Changes?*

I've been on the decline for years and have implemented a plethora of changes but I keep getting worse. My speech has gotten so bad I almost never talk anymore (which is really affecting my employment). I fear I'm really close to being let go and am on the hunt again for a solution. I've tried zinc, magnisium … Read More


Hello, I am experiencing a rather sudden change in my mobility. I'm faced with having to go on short term disability and then finding a new job. There just aren't reasonable accommodations that I could request to keep my current position. My big concern is that I am using forearm crutches now and I'm worried… Read More

Being a Working Mom with MS?*

Hello, I was recently diagnosed with RRMS but have not started treatment.  I have had increasingly frequent exacerbations and am fatigued so badly that even on a great deal of medication, the afternoons (2 pm-8pm) I am somewhat bedridden.  It's extreme. Ive been a top salesperson in a demanding field for… Read More

County Employee-Who Should I Tell?*

After experiencing my first "exacerbation" in Apr/May2015 I was officially diagnosed with RRMS in Nov 2015. I'm now facing my biggest conundrum: who do I tell at my work? I work as a full time county employee and have no idea if I need to reach out to the HR department, if any of my coworkers should know, or… Read More

MS and disability?*

Ive been recently diagnosed with MS. My symptoms started in May, I'm numb from the waist down and in my left arm. It's hard for me to walk, have burning sensations in my feet, and optic neuritis as well. I have been out of work since June (not due to MS). My symptoms have gotten worse and have not let up. I… Read More