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Employment and MS


Wondering about MS folks on disability.  When did you get on disability?  Did you wait until your mobility was severely compromised?  I ask because I am still very mobile.  And I know with the unpredicatbility of MS, that may still be true ten years from now, or it could change next week!  Is it better to take… Read More


I always knew that this day would come, but it makes me so very sad anyway.  I was diagnosed with R/R MS in 1995, just after I started working as an attorney.  My first symptoms were diploplia in 1991 when I had just graduated from law school and was working for a judge.  My mother had MS for 33 years before… Read More


After almost 15 years at a job that I not only loved, but I excelled at, I was "laid off" recently. The department is in a hiring spree, but decided to eliminate my position.  As a large university, they are self-insured, and I find it hard to believe that the last three years of Copaxone deliveries, to… Read More

Work while testing for dx*

I am not yet diagnosed. We have just started the testing process. I have already had a full metabolic panel and to give hope even though my doc said it was neurological she is testing for a B12 and D deficiency. After that it is MRI without and with contrast. I have a big family history of MS and you could tell… Read More

Medical Leave*

i go to my neuro on Monday for a reevaluation.  My 30 day medical leave is up for an extension or release.  I have my 2nd injection of Plegridy on Friday and really don't feel like I'm equipped to return to the classroom.  Not to mention, I really feel like when and if I do return I will be let go and in… Read More

Leave of absence *

I have been on a leave of absence from work since October 27 due to vision and fatigue.  In the meantime 2 new lesions were found since my last MRI in March.  I was sent for infusions and am waiting to begin Plegridy injections.  I am nervous for several reasons.  Obviously nervous about starting injections and… Read More


I will be applying for an Allied Health job that requires a license and professional liability malpractice insurance. I am wondering where I can get legal advice about whether or not my liability insurance could be compromised if I have not disclosed that I have MS to my employer or to the insurance company.… Read More


Just wondering if anyone is in the construction field. Having my first flare up and symptoms are left leg went out on me but is slowly coming back and I'm walking on crutches and slight fatigue. I pave asphalt roads which is a very hot job. I've been taking hot showers and have got outside in the heat for a… Read More

Laid Off *

I was just laid off while on a 12 week medical leave at just 9 weeks in. The company that I worked for is roughly 100 employees, family-owned investment firm in Tampa, Fl. I was first diagnosed with MS in May of this year, after having an exacerbation that landed me in the hospital for 3 days and then for 6… Read More

Employment and MS*

I have MS and having many issues on the job with getting alone with others.  Sometimes co-workers will say things and do things that really upset me.  I try and not fall into that trap but it's hard, just recently my co-worker use a racial slurrs, that really hurt me.   I know one of the head of the agency… Read More


I posted this on a teacher discussion thread, but I thought it would fit here too. I am a teacher  with MS. I was diagnosed last year after experiencing facial numbness and optic neuritis. I was out on medical leave for a year, so this will be my first year back since being diagnosed. I too am very anxious, but… Read More

Newly diagnosed and disability pay*

Hi everyone I was diagnosed 3 months ago. I got put on disability but then it just recently stopped (even though my doctor put me on for 1 year disability). I don't know whats going because I wasn't informed as to the reason for stopping my pay.  I don't know the routine here in California.  Of course… Read More

Confused and depressed*

OK so I have had MS since 2005. I worked my whole life and tried to get on SSDI but was refused. The judge make it seem like my doctor didn't know what he was talking about. All they did was listen to the states doctors and they only saw me for about 15 minutes. I tried getting a job but they all want to… Read More

First year diagnosed with MS*

I was diagnased with MS october of 2014 with 8 lesions in my brain and 2 in my kneck inactive. I was finally diagnosed after having a bad case of virtigo and thats when they started running all the test and i came out positive with MS. I was out of work the first 3 months of being diagnosed. i've been… Read More


Hi, my name is Marzonna McNeal, and I want to start my own business that centers around people with Multiple Sclerosis. From there I want to begin to find people who know about MS and have them work with me to help give advice, and general information that may help the patients understand their medical… Read More

High school teacher *

I teach at a public high school and have been very concerned about my job security.  I was offically diagnosed (calling it Demeylinating Disease) in April.  I have taken an abundance of time off of work requiring substitutes for my classes.  The time taken off was for sickness, fatigue, MANY appointments… Read More

Something Nice... :) *

I have worked for the same company for 21 years, and hopefully 20 more.... :)  This was written by one of the girls on our MS150 team, and has been shared now with the cycling team, then the whole Houston office, and then to all of our North America resources.  Thought I'd share something nice... :)Our real… Read More