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    My most recent flareup started due to stress in Nov./Dec. 2010 with numbness to the tips of my right finger and thumb. when stress continued and increased, the numbness increased as well (into my right hand, then whole arm). By the time that it was all said and done, the numbness had spread to every part of my body but my face/head. After a week in the hospital on I.V. steroids, the numbness over most of my body as well as the "MS Hug" had subsided. The beginning of this relapse caused me to lose my L.E. job. Now, because my right hand and half of my left are still numb (plus fatigue and balance issues), I can't return to the career that I love (and supporting my family on S.S. disability is reaolly hard to do. Anybody have any ideas of suggestions?

  • MS_Navigator_Robin
    Hi Rafter KK, 

    It sounds like you and your family have gone through a lot of hard changes in the past couple of years. You've already gotten some great feedback, and I hope you get more posts from the community on MS Connection!  I thought I'd add the two ideas that came to mind as I read your story.

    If you want to learn about your options for returning to the workplace, the Ticket to Work Program allows SSDI beneficiaries to return to work on a limited basis without putting benefits at risk.  Service providers like Vocational Rehabilitation and Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Projects are available to help navigate the process.

    There may also be government benefits and others sources of temporary financial assistance available while you & your family get back on your feet.  Because every situation is different, you might want to call and speak to an MS Navigator for resources available in your community: 1-800-344-4867, option 1.

    I hope this is helpful!  Take good care of yourself, Rafter KK.
  • Anya

    I don't really have any advice, but my first and most recent flare up sounds identical to yours, except for it started on the left side and spread.  It's been six weeks and my left hand/neck is still not 100%.  My job is pretty light duty, so I am able to continue, but definitely struggle with typing.  Hopefully, others will have more helpful suggestions, but just wanted you to know that you're not alone.  Good luck!
  • ray1
    Almost same thing happen to me. My suggestion is: Get over it and move on. Worrying about it doesn't change anything. Concentrate on the things you can do and do them with joy.

    As far as financial obligations: Have you considered consulting in your previous field?... or multi-level marketing. This can often be done on your own time and at the level and speed you choose.

  • 0268
    Thank You for your wish of Good Luck! I was told by my Dr. at the MS Center of Atlanta that my numbness would most likely return to normal, but it could take over two years. Hope this at least gives you a light at the end of the tunnel (as it did for me), because the neurologist that first diagnosed me in Feb. 2011 would only tell me that "Well, everybody is different" when I asked him about the lasting time of the numbness.
  • Anya
    Thank you!  I got the same reply from my neurologist too :(

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