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  • nursetwink
    I have private student loans I took out in 2004/2005 to get BS-Nursing. I was diagnosed with MS in 2011. With all my regular expenses and adding MS expenses to that, I'm having a hard time paying this loan. I was told it couldn't be written off even if totally/completely disabled. Help, I'm drowning in debt and the stress is making life unbearable.
  • Laurie_J
    Have you contacted you student loan provider?  I know our main state provider here in KY has programs where they can defer it, give you a forebearance period, or decrease your payment. I have just been diagnosed less than a month, so I can't be of much help, but maybe you could start there if you haven't already.
  • Avatar
    Thanks friend for sharing about private students loan and as well as the Mortgage Broker Hawthorn. Good to read about your education history and how you proceed with all it, looking forward to more.
  • MS_Navigator_Robin
    Hi nursetwink,

    Student loans can be a big challenge, especially when your financial picture isn't what you'd expected.  I agree with Laurie J that it's important to keep the dialogue moving with your loan provider; the Department of Education also has information on repaying student loans. 

    Although there aren't financial assistance resources specific to paying student loans, there are other resources out there that may ease your financial burden.  Many of our chapters offer limited assistance programs to help people overcome temporary financial setbacks.  Even if it turns out that our chapter's assistance program isn't a good fit for your needs, an MS Navigator (1-800-344-4867, option 1, M-F 7a-5p MST) can help to identify the areas of financial strain and make sure that you're accessing all of the potential subsidies or support programs for help with MS medications or other needs. You can also email us if it's more convenient for you.

    I hope you'll contact us!