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  • Dion

    Seems that MS is progressing from RR (20+ years) to SP.  I'm failing current treatments and am currently on STD.  I would like to continue to work and have a B.S. in Computer Science and am almost done - 5 classes - with an MS in Project Mgmt.  I'd love to work for the cause or in a medical environment. Education is also acceptable.  I currently live in the Chicago-area. Do you have any suggestions for me?  Thanks.
  • msfish
    I like your attitude! :) Praying you find something new you like.

  • Kris_Employment_Mgr
    Hi Dion,

    Congratulations on getting close to the end of your Masters degree! 

    Your post was interesting to me.  It sounds as though you have an employment goal in place (becoming a project manager), but you are also acknowledging that your MS is causing you some difficulty.  It's great that you have awareness of the employment environments you would prefer, but I didn't get a sense of your confidence in your employability.  If your MS is making it difficult to work, I definitely encourage you to begin by exploring the supports that might be available to you.  For example, learn about your rights and responsibiltiies under the ADA and FMLA.  Explore whether there are accommodations that could reduce the impact of your MS upon your employment. Size up your competition, so to speak.  What makes you stand out or more qualified than the others who will be competing for that position? 

    Networking is a way to to get connected with people who can educate you about the types of positions you are intereted in having and who might have those positions available.  See if there are local chapters of professional organizations for project management in your area that you could join, for example, and make sure to participate in any local events they have.  Talk with your professors about networking recommendations or any professional contacts they might have.  You never know: the opportunity to sit down with a professional in the field can put you on their radar the next time they have a job opening.

    Finally, do your research.  You'll hear it said that searching for a new job IS your full-time job.  For example, see if the professional organizations have job boards.  Research the employment openings at firms you are interested in.  Volunteer for projects being run by companies you would like to work with. Be prepared when you contact organizations to share what you know about them and why you would be a benefit for their organization.

    I hope this helps you get a starting point!

  • Dion
    Sorry that i've been so tardy in replying - very bad last year or 18 months.  I have multiple problems: MS worsening, bankruptcy looming ever closer, going through a horrific divorce, and have very limited LTD disability income.   Don't qualify for SSDI because "I can spend more than 10 hours working on my master's degree." 

    COBRA payments are killing me and take 25% of what little money I receive.  The Chicago-area is very expensive to live in too.  And anything I earn will deduct from the LTD income I get, making this a zero sum advantage. 

    Yeah, I'm a classic case of what happens with long-term MS.  And I get the priveledge of living another 30-40 years or so with this.  Joy.
  • my_shana
    WOW - can't stop crying and shaking. I was d/x in '92. I am also RR. I'm going through an exaxcxerbation that won't quit, but I am still walking and doing some driving. I've been on copaxone for 7yrs. now, but my thoughts and fears are identical to your post.

    Did your neuro telll you that you're going to be SP or  is this something that you're assuming?

    Is this an exacerbation that is just continuing or it's what your MS has become.

    Please let me know how you're doing.
  • Dion
    The neuro pointed to the chart/graph of time from dx and level of MS. I am the history of interferons, having started in 1993 on Betaseron.  Turns out that - in the long run - interferon does not prevent progression (from a recent news article).  After 22 years (dx in 1991), safe to say that I'm headed toward SP.
  • Kris_Employment_Mgr
    Hi My Shana,

    Just wanted to make sure you're ok.  You're reaction was pretty strong, and I wanted to see if you needed anything. 

  • Rich1007
    I'm in IT too.  Masters in CIS.  BS in CS.  Information Security is the only way to go as far as I'm concerned.  Go work in a Security Operations Center or as an Analyst and then get your CISSP or similar cert.

    I have SPMS, ride a scooter all day and have always had good luck in INFOSEC.

    Good Luck!

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