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  • ladyinthewell

    Since 2007 I have been pursuing my accounting degree. While I was going to school I was working full-time, having babies and just doing the everyday thing. 2012 I finally reached the school I wanted to be accepted to and I started the last part of my education. My goal was to be eliglble to sit for the CPA exam and get my CMA. August 2013 I had a series of unexplainable symptoms ( I did not know I have MS) which caused my dismissal from my job. A couple of weeks later I was finally diagnosed. With my new found time off I finished my B.S. in Business Admin and did not complete my B.S. in accounting. My thought was that I had enough experience in accounting and a degree which complemented the industry I was hoping to go back into. There are laws put in place that are suppose to help disabled people like myself but, most businesses do not follow them. I found that out the hard way and decided I needed to be an independent contractor in order to make a living. I just started back at school and I am not sure if this is even worth it. My ten-key skills are impaired and I am not as fast as I once was. I am having a tough time convincing myself that this is woth it and that I should push on. I most likely will not work at an audit firm. I don't know how I will get the hours needed for licensure. There is no model to work from. I don't know what I am doing besides just rambling. Any ideas?

  • Avatar
    Yes there are excellent CPA accountants out there, I read about this at site as well. Hoping to read a lot more on this soon, keep me posted with more on this mate.
  • yazminb
    Well yes, I also agree to mattheus. There are many CPA accountant professionals out there and most of them are far more experienced and excellent when it comes to accounting aspects. You can find them in some accounting outsourcing firm that provides accounting with specialties. When you outsource in an accounting firm you can get their experienced CPA's that can help you with your accounting problems especially for small businesses. Read more about accounting here, Offshore Business Processing Accounting Solutions.