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  • slowhandxvz
    I have been looking for ways of working for 15 years but what's the since in that when ssi tells me I can only make 85.00 over my amount that I receive.Know matter how hard I try I get knoc!ed down Kansas just sucks plus my wife is needing to be on ssi and they tell us that two people in the same household get penalised and cannot be done.To top it all off we have no car to work or get groceries and the nearest store is 20 miles away we are just screwed that's all I am sick of.
  • Stacy10
    Have you applied for federal disability (SSDI)? You can gross a little over $1000/month. 
  • MS Navigator Jess
    Hi slowhandxvz,

    Thanks for posting here!

    We actually have a team of Benefits and Employment specialists who could share a wealth of information about disability, employment and everything in between.  Give us a call, 1 800 344 4867, option 1.