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  • jenda9800
    Good morning. Looking for some guidance  and suggestions. My husband has MS and continues to work full time. It has become increasingly difficult though, and he recently requested some accommodations from his employer. We did a lot of research on ADA and he made a simple request for a modified schedule to manage his fatigue. We have gone back and forth to try and come to an agreement and the most recent response from his employer (in writing)  feels retaliatory and accusatory. We are in contact with JAN and waiting for a return call, but are also I sure what to do next. has anyone had a similar experience? This is just overwhelming and frustrating. Thank you so much in advance. 
  • MS_Navigator_Ashley

    Hi Jenda9800, You have already taken the step that I would encourage, reaching out to the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) for guidance.  They are the experts in all items related to accomodations and will be able to provide the best guidance on how to proceed with this situation.

    Unfortunately, your husband is not alone in his struggle to get reasonable accommodations in the workplace.  A lot of times it is a negotiation to determine what can work for both the employee and employer. Hopefully, JAN will return your call soon and give guidance on how to proceed.  I would also encourage looking at this link from our website for more information on how to Advocate for yourself in the workplace:

    Please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-344-4867 if you need further guidance around this issue. 
    MS Navigator Ashley 

  • pauline2017
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