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  • janknopfler
    Hi all,
    I am 47 years old have been struggling with MS related fatigue and cognitive impairment since Dec 2013 and went on disability back then. I miss working and feel deflated about not contributing to society. I have contacted the local state Vocational Rehab office to help me maybe land a part-time job. I am scared that I will never be able to work anymore given my cruel fatigue and cognitive issues. I would be afraid of losing my disability benefits in case I fail at reentering the workforce effectively. What are your experiences with returning to work and/or maintaning a job given all your symptoms like fatigue etc.? 
  • april9517
    I recently had to start Adderall to help with my fatigue. I wasn't getting anything at work done and had to take numerous breaks. It got to the point where i could barely force myself up to use the restroom. You can try natural way. I make the turmeric ginger lemonade with added vitamin c powder that gives me a nice boost of energy, I dont like to take too many Adderall but it is nice to have for those really dificult days. 
  • annabeth
    I have been exactly there.  After one flare, I refused to apply for SSDI. I went back, but failed.
    Try part time.  Also, familiarize yourself with the "Ticket to Work" within SSDI.  You can work within those parameters and not lose SSDI. 
    ​If you want to contribute, look into volunteer activites.  They can be fulfilling and even therapeutic without taxing limited energy resources.  
    ​Perhaps with those, you can build up your stamina again and feel confident about what you can do.  
    Good luck!
  • capitolcarol
    I know how hard it is to suddenly not be able to work because of our MS.  I have all these obstacles and sometimes, unfortunately, too many years have gone by and I just wasn't able to work.  But, it was only volunteer work that I was able to help out during their crunch times.  I wish I could or rather would be able to handle my MS and chronic back problems and be able to work some part-time.  I feel so guilty not being able to help out financially.  Hope you are able to find some kind of work.  Good luck and get back to us.
  • fajfaj
    Worst part about job is the fatigue especially in the afternoon, disaster and poor sleep make the fatigue worse 
    I tried to take sick leave from time to time to keep myself on track