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  • klv723
    Hey all, I am new here but wanted to say hi and hope everyone had a better holiday then me :) If anyone can help me out here, I am on SSDI which gives me like next to nothing a month and need a place to live, any suggestions? All resources have got me going crazy!!! I hate doing this my MS loves to confuse me and make simple things 10x harder. I dont know how anyone lives on SSDI its crazy, Ive always supported myself until now and HATE being back at my moms at 42 yrs old. We cant supplement the income in any way after being awarded SSDI so I am at a loss and getting really depressed about it. I dont like myself how its all changed me and really need some sort of independence. So LOW income and simple resources can anyone help? 
  • maria1
    Hi klv, Please give the National MS Society a call and speak with a navigator. They will know what resources are available for you in you location. 

    ​Please also, like yourself, it is not you, it is ms and that is not who you are. maria
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi klv723,

    I'd echo what Maria recommended- call us!  We have a pretty big resource database for things like housing, financial assistance, and more.  One place to start that I like to recommend is a website called Benefits Checkup which will help screen for potential assistance related resources you may be eligible for.  To speak to a Navigator here, call us at 1 800 344 4867.