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  • gabrielle519
    Hello everyone,

    I have recently been thinking about going back to school to become a nurse practitioner. This is such a huge comittment and super scary. I am not just an everyday person working and going back to school. I have this elephant in my room a disease that isn't always kind. Something that can be affected by stress and lack of sleep. I am a fighter though. I have worked hard to get where I am. I know that I am strong.

    I work with cancer patients at this time and I see them go through so much. I see them fight all of them win the fight whether they go into remission or perish. They still won because they fought everyday. This is the reason I want to go back because I see these people fighting cancer and still smiling at me every visit. I can see the determination in their eyes. I have seen how short life can be. I want to go back. I want to do this battle with my disease with the world.

    The support I have is incredible. No one has said to me don't do this with your illness. They say that is wonderful go for it. There way of telling me you are strong and brave. You can do this. Anyway I think it will be happening. Thanks for listening!

  • cantstopwontstop
    Hi Gabrielle, 

    I feel Just like YOU! I was recently diagnosed in Dec. 2017 not even a month after turning 26. I myself work as a NA and was in the process of continuing my associates degree into my bachelors in LSW.

    when I went for my initial meeting about starting again I was completely overwhelmed and nervous. Kept thinking about my elephant in the room as well.

    I myself also then thought of all the fighters I come across floating all over a hospital. The people that have thirty times worse things going on. The ones that fight through pain and grief. They have their “why”

    I love reading such positivity from others. The good and bad days will come and go, but the way your mind is set is what really keeps us afloat.

    I have never had a medical issue aside from some broken bones. Being a newly diagnosed MS patient hasn’t always been easy so far. I have full faith that you will succeed with your schooling as an NP, and you will be amazing in caring for others.

    Just take those power naps and study breaks and get back to the books! I know that once I get my treatment decided and under control I’m going to be right back with you!
  • gabrielle519
    Thanks for your support. Yeah I was half way through nursing school when I was diagnosed. I fought to continue. I completed it didn't stop working until I absolutely couldn't work. Then went back to work when I got my disease stabalized!
  • capitolcarol
    Absolutely.  Try to do everything you can as  long as you can, you won't regret it.  I went back to school, you don't have to take too many classes.
  • gabrielle519
    Thanks you for your support!
  • SasRogue
    Hi Gab, I was thinking maybe so it wasn’t such a HUGE thought of going back to the actual school, what you thought about starting with some online classes?  That’s how I closed out my degree. It was getting too iffy at times but they also had a great program for students with disabilities. Maybe there’s some classes you can take online as a test run. :) 
  • gabrielle519
    Thanks, it is a online program. I will start slow and even do part time if full time becomes too much.
  • lveglatte
    Hi Gabrielle, I think your patients are and will be the lucky ones! Good luck to you, Linda