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  • cantstopwontstop

    Hey everyone,

    I work in a healthcare setting with an extremely strict "point system" (Yeah dont come in and get patients sick, but if you call in we will penalize you to the fullest extent, however that makes sense)

    As the only thing I have had that connected me to MS were unprovoked seizures, which I am now on medication for.. I do not have any symptoms that disable me from working.

    My concern now is that when I start a treatment for my RRMS, I'm scared I could maybe have a harder time getting used to it. Maybe wake up not feeling well the very first day of it, etc. I in no way shape or form enjoy calling off of work. I am very dedicated and love my job. But my job is also very physically demanding taking care of others...

    I have never wanted to disable myself before I have to.. but starting a new treatment option my body has never experienced has me wanting to be somewhat prepared for those "bad side effects" and being a full time employee. But I also dont want to be singled out or looked at like I can't meet job duties because I have an FMLA.

    Any opinons are appreciated, thank you!

  • maria1
    Hi cant..., It is good to hear some thoughtful planning. If you are going to take pills or shots consider doing the first dose friday after work so you have the weekend to observe your reactions.
    If you are going for infusions also plan for the end of the week and take a few vacation days for rest. 

    Whatever you are going to take, make sure you know the side effects before you begin so you will have no surprises and will know when it is necessary to get medical assistance. 

    If you are going to shoot yourself(injections) work them out for before bedtime so your body can rest and adapt. 

    I am not familiar with the pills protocols so read some of those posts if they apply.

    If you have ever had iv steroids you will know somewhat, what that will feel like, having two things occupying the same space, fun.

    Whenever beginning a new drug, rest is always a good plan to not force the body to overwork to get back to a 'normal' wherever possible.

    Also, whatever you are going to take, it is happening because it is going to make you feel better, so relax.
  • cantstopwontstop


    Thank you! I am such a planner, sometimes I wish I wasn't but it typically works in my favor haha! I agree with you on doing doses before the weekends. I work in healthcare so we do have mandatory weekends but I am blessed to not have to do them until further notice due to so many students being employed only weekends.

    If I did injections that is definitely how I would do it, but I am leaning toward the pill form more. The one I would take would be a daily pill. I have never taken anything much more than a sinus infection med, and vicodin when I had my wisdom teeth out! LOL. I am pretty foriegn to all of this, so I definitely will be letting my body rest.

    Thank you so much for your kind words.

  • april9517
    When I first started I started on Rebif which makes you feel sick all the time (fevers aches HA etc) it was a really rough adjustment period. I worked at a hospital 12 hour shifts as well as a long term/rehab and did 8 hour shifts and even doubles often. I ended up starting on Adderall for my fatigue and it has helped a lot! I am currently on Copaxone which doesnt have many side effects but I am still using the adderrall. I dont know what medication you have started but you can talk with your doctor about options to offset those symptoms. 

    You can also request that you actually get your breaks (i dont know about where you work but we never got ours). ADA is in place for a reason- for me they got me a fan for nurses station (usually you bring your own) for my heat intolerance. Another person i know with MS got a special chair for her pains. I chose to tell the people I work with I had MS so that they wouldn't think i was just slacking off some days and would hopefully understand- most did. My DON and ADON as well as the scheduler also really worked with me as well.
  • cantstopwontstop


    I also work 12 hour shifts in a hospital second. I defeinitely had thoughts about adderall but for now I am trying to run off my own energy with diet and exercise and rest. I have yet to start a medication for my RRMS I have been studying my options and I remeet with my neuro this week to decide. I am leaning more towards pills than injection.


    Some people know I have MS that I am close to. I have yet to have problems. The one thing I dont appreciate is being scheduled 3 12s straight my body just cant even handle it sometimes or my brain lol. Other than that, I am doing well so far. God willing and I'm blessed to not have any major issues thus far. I always want to be prepared though!

    We are healthcare warriors! 


  • gabrielle519

    FMLA is there to protect you. With such an unpredictable disease it's good to have because you never know how you'll feel. The doctor will fill stuff out but its there to protect people from getting penalized if they or a family member had a chronic medical condition. The next thing is the doctor is not writing a note that you can't work they are just saying that you should not be penalized if you miss a day of work.

    The other thing is it is your business only that you have FMLA. No one but your boss, HR and doctor really need to know. It is not other employees business whether you have FMLA or not. Anyway good luck!
  • Ldg1230
    How do you get FMLA?  My dr mentioned it and the HR person mentioned it, and I think I need it.  How do you sign up?
  • cantstopwontstop


    You are absolutely right it is. I am scared in some ways but you are so right! We just dont know. I mean, what if I hit a relapse hours before my shift Monday? I would recieve the points. I just want to be prepared for the unexpected!

    You are so right it is my business. People LOVE to talk, you know how that goes. I keep my business to myself but you know how that healthcare grapevine goes. ;-) I am going to request the papers Monday before my next neuro appointment and get her outlook on it.

    Thank you for your input darlin.

  • cantstopwontstop


    If your HR mentioned it they should be able to help you! Every state is different along with job, but in my job we are a big company, so I have to request paperwork from HR, they email it and I print it, and then I have to have it filled out and returned within 30 days I believe. Whatever you do, be prepared with papers whenever you follow up with your Doctor that recommended it!

    You have to work a certain number of hours and have a certain amount of people in your organization to be eligible for it, which most employers you will be.

    I wish you luck! I dont want to do it myself, but I want to be prepared. Healthcare unfortantely has such a strict point system, and I'm not losing my job I love to it! 

  • Ldg1230
    I was going to look into FMLA, but, my Mom is helping me look into retirement.   It seems they teach teachers how to become teachers and work on resumes, etc....but,  they don't teach you how to retire!  So, my Mom has been researching that for me,
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