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  • pamj2012
    I have been employed at the same place for 7 years. I was diagnosed with MS in October 2018 but have been having problems for 2 years. Now my employer has cut my hours because I have to call out of work sometimes. It hurts to know that is how much loyalty means now days.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi Pamj2012,

    I'm sure that is really frustrating-does your employer know about your diagnosis?  Are you eligible for FMLA leave?  I'd have a lot of questions before we'd be able to make recommendations about how to address this, give us a call- we have Navigators here with a lot of employment knowledge and helpful resources: 1 800 344 4867.

    Jess, MS Navigator
  • pamj2012
    My Doctor sent in paperwork for FMLA  AND I WAS approved for it may 3rd, but they have cut my hours again anyway.