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  • mbauer95
    hi everyone,

    I was diagnosed just this past week. So far I feel ok as far as symptoms go. I am a 28 year old pharmacist. My job is highly stressful, I’m on my feet constantly and thinking constantly. I’m nervous that one day soon I won’t be able to work since ms is so unpredictable. I also pay $2000 a month in student loans. Any other medical professionals that are functioning at work for a long period of time?
  • MS_Navigators

    The National MS Society has a team of MS Navigators who specialize in employment, benefits, and health insurance issues. If you're open to giving us a call, it might be helpful to talk through this with the team. 

    We also have quite a bit of information related to MS and employment on our website.

    Please feel free to call us at 800-344-4867 and ask for the Benefits, Employment, and Health Insurance Support Team.
  • nerij
    I feel you! I just graduated with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy and have has MS since 2015 (20 years old). I am excited to start working as a PT, but nervous for my career and future with MS. I will also be paying roughly $2,000 in loans as well.