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  • Sinaminika
    My husband was working at a place he really liked and he said it seemed all of a sudden everyone started acting weird around him. He quit and found out that it was because I am taking methadone. They associated methadone with a heroin addiction. Even though I am prescribed methadone for pain due to having MS. Then I guess the rumors started .... my husband and I are addicts and he beats me and my husband has been in jail.... none of this is true. 
    Noone at his work came to him to ask. He has no write ups. Always showed up for work. 
    Asked numerous people what was going on. Eventually he quit after getting extremely fed up with the treatment he was receiving. If he would have known why he was being treated so poorly we could have backed up my illness and the fact that he was never in jail.
    His job put him down as being fired but he quit after he was threatened by another worker. 
    All this over .... me having MS and the medications I am prescribed. Trust me this is not the first time either... Are people this uneducated ? I mean almost everyone has a phone so they can look up this information to see if methadone is also prescribed for pain. 
    I don't know why we have such bad luck. It all seems so avoidable. 
    This information should have never been made available. Apparently having a disease that prescribes pain meds and having a disease that makes a family rely on assistance makes you and your family have a re*****tion of being trash. 
    My husband recenly contacted lawyers to see what we can do. 
    Does my husband have any rights due to my disability ?
  • MS_Navigators
    Hello Sinaminika,

    The American's with Disabilities Act has an "association" provision, which protects applicants and employees from discrimination based on their relationship or association with an individual with a disability, whether or not the applicant or employee has a disability. This link has information about the association provision that I hope will answer some questions about your husband's rights in the workplace. 

    He may want to contact the following agencies for more information.
    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) U.S. Department of Justice information line: 1-800-514-0301 or  
    ADA Centers:  or 1-800-949-4232
    Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC): 202-663-4900  (some offices are willing to field questions)

    If you or your husband would like legal advice about your situation, please use the following resource to locate attorneys in your area:
    National Employment Lawyer's Association

    Stephanie, MS Navigator