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Family and Friends

MS Navigator Jess

Good morning!  Are you looking for support or resources?  Here is a collection of helpful organizatoins, resources and information below, specific to caregivers and carepartners, friends and family.  Check them out! Coordinates a national network of support groups, financial assistance and… Read More

Try more video games*

About a week ago, I did a post about how gaming helps me with my MS.  I wanted to elaborate on that claim by doing a few more write-ups as to why it can help.  The first topic: Visuospatial ability. When I mentioned to my neurologist that I streamed video games for money, he gave me that "look" but then… Read More

MS and a Familys Death*

A Grandma with MS and a Family Death      Today is October 9th. October 7th was my grandson's birthday. He passed away June 30th at 1:40pm. He would have been five years old. He was a very sweet boy who had a lot of illnesses wrong with him.      He was born premature to start off with. He was normal in every… Read More


Hi, it's been a couple of month since my wife and I decided that this year we want to have our first kid. I've always known that women have to stop treatment if they want to become pregnant but up until now nobody (including my doctor and Biogen) has been able to tell me if there is any danger for the baby… Read More

MS and marriage *

Dear friends, I am 32 M, new to this wonderful site. I am seeking your kind opinions  about going into marriage with a 30 F, (MS for last 10 yrs) in arranged marriage. I am doing so as I came to knwo about it few days ago.  Since I have done a little research and internet seems divided.  I have met once only in… Read More

New to this site*

I'm new to the site. I'm a caregiver dealing with my wife who has MS. She's had it since 1999 but in 20008 had a major exacerbation which we're still dealing with. She is slowly getting worse. This is due to a variety of reasons. (Her own health, doctor's mistaken advice, etc.) She is now in a wheelchair, but… Read More


My sister lives in Houston and has MS. I live in another state. I believe she is suffering from depression. She doesn't leave the house and doesn't do anything. Can someone recommend a psychiatrist, preferably one that will take her medicaid Read More

Describing Vision Issues*

People keep asking me HOW my vision is blurry… i feel like I have too many words AND I cannot get them out.... spots, squiggles, trouble with focus…especially when moving eyes between things. Sometimes I have a hard time reading… not like a migraine aura but kinda not… still my co-worker presses for more detail… Read More

Pregnancy and treatment*

Hi everyone, I am pregnant and I my first trimester. My husband and I are extremely proud and excited along with our 7 year old. I wasn't diagnosed with RRMS during my first pregnancy so this is new and a little scary too. I felt fine about everything until my neurologist couldn't confirm if Tysabri would be… Read More

Both Parents Have MS*

When I was ten years old my mother first showed symptoms of MS and died two years later. I am now in my twentys and a year or two ago my father got into a car crash and found out he also has MS though of a milder strain that doesn't show symptoms much yet. My parents are of different races and from… Read More

living with someone with MS

Some one I love dearly has been diagnosed with MS about one year ago ... they have become defeated not doing anything they are suppose to be doing to help the situation.  As a concerned family member could someone please help me motivate them to help themself?!?!  I am at a loss watching this person's symptoms… Read More


Hi. My name is Chris and I'm new on here. I would like to help support all those who live with ms, individuals and families. I would like to offer my support for families and how the whole family copes. Although I may not be able to answer specific question, any questions I can help answer, comments, or support… Read More

Family not Sympathetic *

I always believed that you should never cut family out of your life. I am newly diagnosed 1 year. I have my good and bad days. My immediate family - husband and children are great!! Very supportive but my extended family brother, sister in law, mother in law - never ask how I am feeling and believe that I am… Read More

Husband with MS is Mean *

To be specific he is mean only to me. He is a delight around his friends and family but to me he is picky, critical and snarky. He had these qualities before MS and he was “working on this part of his personality” as I explained it made me feel horrible. Some days it’s “I’m working on it” others it’s “you knew… Read More


My son aged 24yrs started to complain of vague symptom around 2017. His personalIt's changed a little he got irritable quick.  In 2018 February he got married after 3 years dating Melissa.  In June he woke up with blurred vision he phoned me I realised what was probably wrong .  His wife was dismissive of him… Read More

Family & Loved ones*

Hello,  I have recently been diagnosed with MS; and of course when I found out, I was upset, but what upset me even more was when I told my Fiance about it. The look on his face just broke my heart even more. He is very upset by the diagnosis and is choosing to stand by my side through whatever, which makes me… Read More