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Family and Friends

MS Navigator Jess

Good morning!  Are you looking for support or resources?  Here is a collection of helpful organizatoins, resources and information below, specific to caregivers and carepartners, friends and family.  Check them out! Coordinates a national network of support groups, financial assistance and… Read More

What about after that?*

Hi, I found out I had RRMS in November 2019. I was 22 and a few months away from finishing my bachelor's degree; I had simple dreams of travelling the world, falling in love and being a mother. I know I'll have different problems ahead of me than other people, and maybe I'll have a hard time, but that doesn't… Read More

Having more b.s. from family.*

They always think I'm faking because I can be OK one minute then the next I can'. Even stand to use the toilet or get in and out of the shower on my own. Then I can do things some of the time then be in so much pain I just want to scream.  Then they have been watching this go on for years apon years. Then they… Read More

Office clerk in Dr.Office*

My family thinks I should stay home from work.i keep.trying to tell them my job does not have contact,I'm in room with a door answering my own phone.i always use the employee entrance,coming on going.I practice all the hand washing sanitizer  etc to.keep me safe.i.just feel that I well be okay,but my… Read More

Support my fiance *

My fiance, Jennifer Starks, has recently created a facebook page dedicated to sharing anything and everything about MS as she has been diagnosed for a few years now.  She is reaching out to try and find a sense of community.  If you would like to drop by and participate or give a like, that would be amazing… Read More

Audio hallucinations*

Hello I have a friend whose son was diagnosed with MS about 5 years ago and she is concerned because he started hearing things that no one else can hear. Has anyone heard of this being a symptom of MS? Read More

My mother has MS *

Hello, I have very little experience with forums and even less with discussing the situation with my mother. I am very interested in being apart of this supportive community, but I do not really know how to begin or what to say. I appreciate any of you who may express interest or help to generate a… Read More

How about we chat about CAREGIVERS?*

Caregivers have needs of their own, and when they see us they want to fix us, they want to take care of us, they want us to be better. Some times it is all about them, what they want and the way they want it, they want us the way we were, not the way we are. But of course when we are suffering with brain fog… Read More


hello im new to this group and i joined because i dont know where else to go. my husband was Diagnose with MS in 2008. i have been his support system since day one. i had the option of not marrying 9yrs ago but, because i was committed to us, loved him no matter what i married him knowing what MS was and what… Read More


Hi! I saw this site on an old high school friends page and I had to sign up. My friend just got her diagnosis yesterday. I want to ensure I can be there for her in the way she needs when she needs it. I am very good with my interpersonal skills and can be a solid active listener. My question more so lies with… Read More

Ocrevus symptoms*

Hello, I've never done this sort of thing before, I don't know how it works. (Posting that is) my daughter has had ms since she was 20 she is 33 now. She is about to take her 3erd infusion and we both would love to hear from others with ms that have had ocrevus and what symptoms they had afterward so she can… Read More

Try more video games*

About a week ago, I did a post about how gaming helps me with my MS.  I wanted to elaborate on that claim by doing a few more write-ups as to why it can help.  The first topic: Visuospatial ability. When I mentioned to my neurologist that I streamed video games for money, he gave me that "look" but then… Read More

custody of my daughter*

I just went through a major custody battle with my ex.  In court his lawyer tried to use my MS as reaon to not have primary custody of my daughter even though I was always her primary caregiver.  My lawyer was unprepared and never prepared me for the interrogation I recieved on the stand I wasn't even told that… Read More

Newly Diagnosed Family Member *

Hello, My 19 year old daughter was diagnosed with MS in March of this year after losing vision in her left eye. She still hasn't regainded her vision and is reluctant to start meds. Is there anyone here dealing with or have dealt with the same issues? I feel helpless at this point... Read More

MS and a Familys Death*

A Grandma with MS and a Family Death      Today is October 9th. October 7th was my grandson's birthday. He passed away June 30th at 1:40pm. He would have been five years old. He was a very sweet boy who had a lot of illnesses wrong with him.      He was born premature to start off with. He was normal in every… Read More

MS and marriage *

Dear friends, I am 32 M, new to this wonderful site. I am seeking your kind opinions  about going into marriage with a 30 F, (MS for last 10 yrs) in arranged marriage. I am doing so as I came to knwo about it few days ago.  Since I have done a little research and internet seems divided.  I have met once only in… Read More