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Family and Friends

MS Navigator Jess

Good morning!  Are you looking for support or resources?  Here is a collection of helpful organizatoins, resources and information below, specific to caregivers and carepartners, friends and family.  Check them out! Coordinates a national network of support groups, financial assistance and… Read More

Living with anger as a caregiver *

My husband and I have been married for 23 years. He is 12 years older than me. He is 74 and I am 62. This age difference is hard. He was diagnosed at about 55. He has had a pretty good time of it physically. He has just started using a cane and has really slowed down significantly with walking and getting… Read More

Dear Diamond T.*

I knew you but I didn't get to know you as you could not speak. I do know that you are a good soul and your spirit shone through your eyes. I could tell from what I heard about you that you were both independent and resilient. You also were not one to be in denial of the truth. You loved the truth and knowledge… Read More

Dear Dave,*

Although I only knew you a short while, you left a positive mark in my life still. I respect the choice you made to go home. In fact I think it courageous not cowardly. I can only imagine the pain and isolation you felt those months before. We all should have the right to choose how we go especially since we… Read More

Getting divorced soon *

There were always problems in my marriage.  In the past few years my symptoms became worse.  I had to stop working and go on disability. Soon after, my husband started really escalating his demands and his mistreatment.  He just did not undertand that being unable to work included housework.  "Women's work" is… Read More

Support Group: My Parent has MS*

Hi! My name is Tanesha and I am currently a student at San Diego State University and am working on starting a Social Support Group with workshops and snacks for children (15+) of MS patients in the San Diego area that would meet 3 days out of the month to provide discussion, community, and resources. You can… Read More


I am 35 Diag. at 33 I have had symptoms my while life! Im struggling and wondering if anyone else is here with me I recently went on LOA from my great job and fear I can not get back my brain is covered in Fog and Confusion my legs are in constant pain I am to depressed and exausted to do the things I used Love… Read More

Help - Girlfriend with MS*

My girlfriend has MS.. we say we're 3 months away from combining our families and moving in. Which should feel great and help us both out financially. I have a hard time with "spoons". A common cycle--we have an absolutely wonderful week and weekend--and then she's almost non-communicative for days. When I… Read More


My sister has had MS for at least 40 years and has lived alone for 20 of those years.  She lives 200 miles away from me and has no friends or family where she lives. She recently fell.  Luckily a worker working on a house behind her noticed her garage door and back door open.  He checked on her, found her on… Read More

Wife recently diagnosed with MS *

Hello, My wife was just recently diagnosed with MS and I found this site to try and better understand this disease and help my wife to deal with it day to day. If there's any advice you could give me that would be great. She was diagnosed with Optic neuritis which led to them making the MS diagnosis just… Read More

Has anyone with MS done IVF?*

This is a bit of a long story and I apologize for that but feel I need to explain my whole situation (or maybe I'm trying to justify my decision...) I've wanted kids since I was a kid. I've always wanted to experience pregnancy, at least once, and being a mom is a huge dream of mine. So I worked with my… Read More


hello im new to this group and i joined because i dont know where else to go. my husband was Diagnose with MS in 2008. i have been his support system since day one. i had the option of not marrying 9yrs ago but, because i was committed to us, loved him no matter what i married him knowing what MS was and what… Read More


Hello ,  One of the biggest things that is on my mind 3 weeks post official diagnosis is how do I explain this to my kids ???? My children are 8 , 6 , and 3 1/2 . One time , I was even accused of being drunk in public while picking my oldest up from school . My 6 year old is currently disappointed that I won't… Read More