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Family and Friends

Feeling helpless*

I met my friend Lisa in 2007. She's an american girl living in New Jersey, who was diagnosed with MS  about 16 years ago and I'm a french guy living in France. When I first met her she was walking with a cane, had her own place and was pretty much independent. We have a strong relationship made of love and… Read More


Jon's friend Lisa is in need of a patient advocate where she lives in NJ. Would the society know if there was this type of agency for disabled persons or patients in long term care who need assistance in making sure they get the best care, and are not being abused. I guess the same would apply also for the rest… Read More

MS & Marriage*

Can these two coexist?My fiancee and I get married in merely 8 days, and before I can begin this new chapter of my life I would love to know the honest truth, good or bad, from my fellow MS warriors. I am young 25 years old, I was diagnosed July 4th of this year. My symptoms have been all over the chart from… Read More

New Relationship: she has MS*

Hello everyone! Well I'm a 26 year old lesbian and the woman I've fallen in love with (and want to marry) has MS. I try to be supportive and I've read up on this illness a lot but I feel like she doesn't tell me how bad it is some days and I'm not sure how to tell yet. Just looking for someone to talk to who… Read More


MS entered our lives when I was in the 2nd grade. I rememeber going into class one day and telling my teacher the details of what I would later on discover was my father's spinal tap. My teacher asked how much I understood of what was going on, and I didn't understand what was happening not then and in many… Read More

Feeling down *

So my boyfriend the man I've been with since 03 has close up pictures of a girls ass who he works with several pictures I already feel like ***** because I walk like Frankenstein and I urine on myself at times well he's put me way down in the dumps now I seem to only have my kids as I'm dealing with this ms wow… Read More

Marriage being destroyed*

I have been married to my husband (he has MS) for almost 26 years.  His emotional instability (which I believe has a lot do to with MS) and my lack of coping skills are destroying our marriage.  I have always loved him very much. But my heart is growing cold because of the constant emotional warfare. It's very… Read More

Marriage & MS*

I was diagnosed March 2016. I'm very new to this, however, I've researched everything I can get my hands on. I've already participated in my first Walk MS, and was 2nd highest for fundraising. Everything about my diagnosis has been pretty much smooth sailing except for my marriage. My husband doesn't like… Read More

Copaxone while Pregnant *

I was diagnosed a little over 2 years ago.  I gave birth to my second child and 6 weeks after her birth I developed Otic Neuritis which led to prompt MRI's and diagnosis of MS.  Right now I am trying to get pregnant but debating whether or not I should get off Copaxone 40mg while pregnant.  My neurologist says… Read More

Frustrated about people not understanding.*

 My family and close friends try to help when they can and try to understand but they can't fully. It's easy for people to forget that there are every day struggles for us living with ms. My boyfriend forgets at times as well and we live together. We go about our days looking the same but underneath a lot is… Read More

My brother *

My brother has been my anchor the last year and a half. He's helped me when I was giving up hope. We typically get along fine... BUT (isn't there always one of those?) he simply cannot cope with the fact that I research stuff. He decided when I said I suspected I might have MS (I told him a little after… Read More

Personality changes*

Since my husband's MS diagnosis in 2014, he has gone from being compassionate and caring to abrasive and hurtful. He agrees that his personality has changed and he says that he chooses "to not filter" what he says.  When he gets wound up, I don't recognize the man I married. If his behaviour were due to lesions… Read More

Depression *

 My boyfriend was diagnosed in March of 2015 is RRMS and has been going through bouts of depression. For the last month, it seems as though he is in the stage of grieving. Since the end of June, he has talked about losing the meaning in life and recently, it has hit the spot to where he cannot get out of bed… Read More

Has anyone with MS done IVF?*

This is a bit of a long story and I apologize for that but feel I need to explain my whole situation (or maybe I'm trying to justify my decision...) I've wanted kids since I was a kid. I've always wanted to experience pregnancy, at least once, and being a mom is a huge dream of mine. So I worked with my… Read More

Understanding multiple sclerosis*

I'm getting alittle frustrated lately and I need to get some advice, or insist on this subject. I have been dealing with MS for almost 2 years now and I have been constantly told by people without MS or people who do not understand that it's a snowflake disease and no case is the same, "I know someone with MS… Read More

Diagnosed and in Denial*

My husband was diagnosed almost two years ago with PPMS. This is all very new for the both of us so I find it really hard to know what to say or what to do when I see hiim struggling. He has been in denial since he was diagnosed and at times angry. He has not reached the acceptance stage yet and unfortunalty, I… Read More

time with family*

Does the feeling of hurt, lonelyness, abandament and worthless ever get better.  When your family goes on vacatins or day trips without you?  Because they can't ever take you were there going. Read More

Where Are All My Friends???*

I use the word "friends" somewhat sarcastically, but ever since my MS took me out of the workplace all the people that used to call, email, invite me to functions, etc. seem to have all dried up.  Whats that all about?  I didnt think that just because I wasnt in the workplace that things would change to this… Read More

Passing on a faulty immune system?*

I am curious if any other parents on here with MS have little ones with immune system issues? My 7 year old has had issues with a very weak immune system, he cannot recieve his vaccinations because every time we try one he has terrible reactions: for example when he got the rotovirus vaccine after birth it… Read More