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  • JonL
    My wife and I are in the early planning stages of a new home.
    She wants it to be a good plce for us if/when my MS renders me less capable of things like negotiating stairs, bathing, etc...
    Give me your insight about these plans.
    What do I need to be aware of?
    Any suggestions are good ones.
    Thanks in advance for your help
  • Ellen_MS_wife
    Hi, my husband and I added on an ADA Compliant downstairs master bedroom and bath just 2 1/2 years ago.  We changed the openings from the garage and leading into the new bedroom to be wide enough for wheelchair accessibility.  You need to make sure all door openings are wide enough for a wheelchair and counters are low enough, and space to move around can accomodate a wheel chair and its turning radius, light switches and outlets can be reached easily, reach-in closets...  We did all that and now we had to put our house on the market as my husband's job is relocating us away.

    My advise...don't add on; we will not even come close to recouping the cost!  Find a house that can already do what you need with little modificaitons, if any.

    I don't want to "sell" on this site, but ours just went on the market in Issaquah, WA.  The realtors photos do not show the ADA-side (which I am bummed), but it is listed in the MLS as an ADA compliant house.  If interested, check out:

    With the move, we found a house in our new city/state that already has a downstairs bedroom/bath and access into the house that is wide enough.  I was not going to go through building an addition again - too much love when into something we have to leave.
  • Ranae
    We have a house that I say God and my husband built just for me. It was built before I needed a wheelchair, however, it is so practical for me. Our kitchen cabinets were custom built. The drawers are designed to hold all of our dishes and appliances, with roll out shelves. The dishwasher is on a raised platform so I can load it from my chair. The sink is lowered to make it more accessible. All door frames are 36 in. We have a shower that is accessible for a wheelchair, I can just roll in, with no doors. Our house is very open and easy to get around. The one thing we regret is that the contractors were suppose to put a straight staircase to the basement so we could install a stair glide. They made the staircase with a turn. The stair lift now costs three times as much and we cannot afford it. I have to go outside to use the basement entry if I want to go downstairs. Also, the entry to the house is the same level as the interior, no steps required. Hope these suggestions help. Good luck.
  • JonL
    Thank you, Ranae. The only one
  • JonL
    Thanks for that. We are buildings new home so anything we put in the plan will be. Jon