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  • princessa0530
    Hi my name is Emily and I'm diagnosed with multiple sclerosis since when I was 6 I lost my vision on my left eye and I have not seen with my left eye for 2 years I hope I could have friends here
  • Stacy10
      I've often wondered if it'd be better to have been disabled my whole life or have it come to me later in life. Kids adapt and as adults run circles around me in a wheelchair they've used since they were small. On the other hand, there are experiences I probably wouldn't have had had I been in a chair since I was young. Or would I? Would I simply grown up knowing how to adapt?

      Your the youngest I've heard of being diagnosed.  If this thing had to come to you, I'm sorry. 16 with MS must be hard to deal with. Is there some level of it being normal for you? How have you adapted?

      We're around if you need/want to talk things through. Although I suspect in some ways, you already know more then we do. 
  • princessa0530
    Hi thank you so much for taking to me and yes I will like to talk to you
  • maria1
    Hello Emily, You have found friends here, some young, some old and some ancient like me and we all love to laugh.
  • princessa0530
    Thank you
  • MS_Navigator_Carla
    Hi Emily!  Welcome.  I'm glad you found this community.

    You might also like the Teens with MS Facebook group. There is more information about it here - see the 'Teens with MS' link under 'Connect with other families':

  • alex21
    One of those online diaries that has left a significant impact on the hearts of the individuals.20smoney
  • stellanova123
    Omg I love you already! You are so strong just no that. You are probably so much more knowledgeable about MS than me since I was recently diagnosed. I am 23 and have two little sisters so just know if you ever need to chat feel free to message me and we can talk about whatever. I wish you the best and keep being brave. -Kelsey 
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  • agarigoames
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