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  • traveler10
         I am new to this site and am looking for some information on MS being hereditary.  My mother was diagnosed late in life and I am terrified I will also have it.  I have no symptoms as of right now, but have also read things about MS beginning during pregnancy.  As someone potentially looking to become pregnant this is completely halting my life.  I suffer from severe anxiety and don't know where to start with anything.  :(
  • Melly
    Hello traveler. I'm sorry that your mom has MS. I have 3 grown children, my symptoms did not start while I was pregnant, in fact for me, fortunately it didn't start until my kids were older. From what I've read, they don't know what causes MS. And from 1 person who has struggled with anxiety to cannot let fear rule your life. MS is scary, I know it is. But you have got to live your life! You are in the right place here for support. Take advantage of the connections. And if you haven't already, I encourage you to talk to your Dr. about your anxiety.
  • MS_Navigator_Ashley
    Hi Traveler 10, While MS is not hereditary, having a first-degree relative such as a parent or sibling with MS does significantly increase an individual's risk of developing the disease.  With this said, just because someone has a parent with MS does not necessarily mean their children will have it.  We do not know exactly what causes MS but do know there are several factors that are at work.  
    At this point there is no way to test to see if you have a gene or might develop it someday, I can understand while this can be concerning, while some individuals do get diagnosed while they are pregnant or after they have a baby, this is not always the case, there is no way to predict when the MS would possibly appear. 
    Without having any current symptoms, there is now way for your doctor to test your for MS, however I would suggest voicing your concerns and seeking guidance from a medical professional.  
    Below are a couple links to our website that discuss theories on what causes MS and who gets MS.

    MS Navigator Ashley
  • beaurylancambria
    I have a pretty big family. No one else has MS but me. Not my parents, my siblings, my aunt's, uncles or cousins. Not my children or my grandchildren. Not my grandparents or any other family member. I was diagnosed at 48 after only two weeks of symptoms. I don't know why some people get it and others don't. I can tell you that worrying about it, won't change what is meant to be.
  • se330
    Hi, I am going through the same thing as you. My mom recently passed away from MS after having it for 25 years, and it was awful. I have a one year old, and my husband and I are thinking about trying for another baby. In the past few years, I've grown terrified of developing the disease because of my mom, to the point where I'm convinced every little symptom is a sign. I'm also afraid to get pregnant again. I know that logically, the risk is low for me, but still higher than the average person. But that doesn't stop the fear from coming, and it's there all the time. Any advice from other kids of parents with MS is greatly appreciated!

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