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  • daughterofanmsmother
    I am officially 14 now. I just turned 14 last month. My name is Annysia (A-knee-see-a) I know it is a very uncommon and weird name. 

    My mom is 34 and has MS. She has had it for about 9 to 10 years now. When I was in 2nd grade. One morning we were getting ready to head out the door for school. My mom was still able to walk at the time. Well. Then the bad thing happened. 
    She was coming out of her bedroom. We lived in a small apartment. She was walking down the hall when suddenly she just fell. It was the most frightening moment of my life. I was so scared. I was a little girl who loved her mother. I tried to help her get up, but she couldn't move her legs. She tried numerous times. She couldn't get back up. She asked me to go get help. I ran upstairs and knocked on doors loudly. Nobody answered. 
    I ran back downstairs to my mom and she told me just to go to school. I refused until she yelled at me. I finally went to school. All day I cried thinking I was going to lose her. 
    She ended up army crawling to the door. Her phone had fallen behind the couch so she couldn't reach it. She waited by the door until someone came along. She went to the hospital and since then she hasn't been able to walk at all. 

    Well this past year she ended up going to the hospital because of a really bad MS attack. She had been in the hospital since March to September. She went to the Ambassadar. She has been slowly getting better. She may be home before Chrismas and I'm really happy but also super scared. 

    What if this happens again? What if she has to go back to the hospital? I have so many questions. I am in school while writing this and I am about to start crying just bringing back all of these horrible and terrifying memories. 

    Please I need some Advice. I don't know what to think anymore. Please help. 

  • maria1
    Hello Annysia,

    ​You can call the National MS Society and speak with a Navigator about a referral to share with a therapist or a support group. What you are going through is normal for your age and circumstances but it is better to have someone to share it with, it makes the journey less lonely. 

    ​We can also give you support here, we are easy to speak with aand have an idea of what you are going through.

    ​It was a long time ago when I was 14, when girls only wore skirts, so we come from different worlds though many things are the same. I do remember though, what my job was at 14, I was a student and had to study and learn, and that was my first purpose, and when i did that, the other things that entered my head were pushed away, and then time passed, and days went by and everything was okay. maria
  • maria1
    Use all your hobbies to express yourself, draw what you are feeling and write what you are feeling, getting those emotions out of your head make for better times, and gives you understanding. Then you can share them with us.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hi Annysia!

    That had to have been terrifying for you!  I'd like to echo what Maria was mentioning- please feel free to reach out to us by phone so that we can provide some support to you.  Without knowing more about your home situation, location and support system, I'm not sure what to offer right this second that would be helpful, but we're here for you!  Please call us if you have a chance- 1 800 344 4867 to speak with an MS Navigator.

    MS Navigator Jess
  • bubbadog66
    Hi Annysia,

    Maria gave you the best advice possible i believe!! I have an extremely loving 13 year old daughter, she has first hand witnessed my struggles with MS. We talk very candidly about my MS and what MS is all about. We have dreams and some realistic goals. She goes to a councellor and loves the freedom of expression she least that it how she tells it. 14, well that's a tough age to grow right up in!! My daughter constantly reminds me as i remind her that there is unconditional love in the house!!...secrets about my MS are unacceptable on both sides...she let ME know first that she wants and needs to learn about MS, my MS, so we can grow old together and help each other out along the way.

    Best of luck to you & your mom, there is alot of good healing love there between the two of you.