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  • giuseppiakajo

    I am sharing this Information with you because it comes from my heart. I am not sellling anything nor am I affiliated with anyone. The links that I share are links I've found via a simple online search.
    I personally have a floatation tank AKA a sensory deprivation tank, (explaination below* or visit I suggest anyone with MS find a tank near them. / where to float, and find a place anywhere in the world. If you have an option of a tank VS a "pod" ALWAYS choose the tank. I met a woman that was visiting my island who had MS. She had 55% curvature already. I told her about my floatation tank and invited her to float. She floated 4 days in a row before she went back home. In that 4 days she was breathing better and was 1/8" taller, IE; her spine was straightening and releasing the pressure from her hip that was twisting and slowly crushing he rib cage and her lungs. The salt solution melted her muscle and stopped her spasms. I would suggest floating to anyone with MS. This lady upon returning home, found a tank in her area and continued floating and is doing very well. She expected to be in a wheelchair by now but she has enthusiasticly kicked that can down the road.
    * A floatation tank is a chamber or large box that looks like a walk in commercial refrigerator. Inside is pitch black, so black that you can't tell if your eyes are open or closed. The chamber or tank is sound proof. There is a water depth of 9" that is maintained at skin temperature. There is 1,200 pounds of Epsom salts in this small amount of water.  A person will lay down on this bed of salt water and will float on top like a beach ball on top of a pool. As you move your arms and legs you can't feel that you are moving because of the lack of gravity and because the water is skin temperature. I purchased this for a neck injury I sustained in a car accident. The absence of gravity takes the pressure off my neck and spine. This amount of Epsom salts are very relaxing on my muscles and stops the spasms. But, the combination of no external stimulation, IE: no light, no sound, no touch and no gravity, does something very amazing. There is a chemical reaction that takes place in the brain. One side of your brain starts shutting off the production of external stimulating chemicals while simultaneously increasing the feel good chemicals like endorphins and dopamines. This feeling closely resembles the womb which results in the feeling of safety and security. I later learned that in addition to the physical miracles of a floatation tank, If a person has "hidden issues" they can easily and safely be revealed. Claustrophobia is a very good example of a hidden issue that is almost always confronted and eliminated during the first float session. Other issues are also dealt with like drug abuse or alcoholism. I had a 64 year old friend who limped her entire life try my tank. She relaxed and confronted her "hidden issue" which was that she had fallen on a Coke bottle when she was 4 years old and bust opened her knee. The limp was all in her head and now she is free of this false programming and no longer uses a cane or has a limp.
  • rsarrett
    This is incredible. I love floatation tanks. I have used them a few times over the years, along with meditation to benefit my life greatly. I have heard some great instances like your friend moving beyond her leg issue. It's really cool that it may help with MS cause I have been trying get my mother to try a float as she may be developing MS. So, I will have her check out your post here. Thanks for those experiences you shared!