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  • LR-AR
    My husband had surgery yesterday to help him urinate better,  but was sent home with a post-op ucath and he's already unsteady. I'm helping him with changing the bag and daily life. But yesterday while in the waiting room, I was overcome with a bout of anxiety . I've loss both my parents in a 2 year span recently and I've spent too much time in hospitals.  I'm just looking for a little advice on how to help hubby adjust to the cath and help me deal with these little things. 
  • maria1
    LR-AR, I am sorry for your losses. Losing both parents in such a short time is a large transition to adapt to. In two years you have relived your life, the experiences and persons that have filled your memories including the ones you had forgotten. Your feeling are still very raw as they should be, no matter how old you are you have travelled through time in an instant, while sitting in today and thinking about the needs of tomorrow. 

    A bout of anxiety is a small hiccup, a little bit of a kick that may help you sort through the feeling that are swirling around your head. The best way I have of coping is to write. Not the formal stuff like you read in a book, just little phrases or words that occur. I have pencil and paper in every room including the bathroom. I date my words so later I can see what i was feeling. Something like, 2/4/18 i hate this, 2/3/18 I wish I was on an island 2/1/18 trying to giggle gets me pissed off that i have to work so hard. 2/10/18 my muscles are tired. .... even just a word, sad, happy, alone, money, fun. Whatever pops into the head put on paper, it gets it out of the head, frees the mind, and gives us an idea of what we are sorting through. It lets us know how our mind works through our experiences and feelings instead of suppressing them, and it makes us lighter. And it gives our mind the room to be creative about day to day living and how to problem solve the little stuff. And it makes room for the marbles to roll around, giggle. maria
  • MS_Navigators
    Hello LR-AR,

    You may want to view our video on Self-Catheterization and MS. We have additional information about bladder problems and MS at this link that may be helpful.

    We want to be a support for you as well. You can access our Carepartner Support Resources here.

    MS Navigator Stephanie