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  • tikigirl12
    I'm working on a docu-series and we are looking for amazing young people who are the primary caregivers for their parent or guardian.  We would like to show that there are some very responsible, caring Millenials out there and we think their story should be told.  This inspirational and uplifting piece will air on a well-respected cable network.  If anyone is interested in hearing more, please email me -
  • maria1
    young Adult Children with Parents with ms is on the Group section you may want to post there as well as scrolling through the groups to look for other youngpeople caregivers, they dont always come to the discussion pages. If you post there they often get email notices of posts to follow. Thank you for spotlighting their lives. You might also want to contact the National MS Society to find out if there are groups meeting near where you live,, that you may sit in on.