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  • ravipeace
    Dear friends, I am 32 M, new to this wonderful site. I am seeking your kind opinions  about going into marriage with a 30 F, (MS for last 10 yrs) in arranged marriage. I am doing so as I came to knwo about it few days ago.  Since I have done a little research and internet seems divided.  I have met once only in first meeting along with her parents.  She seems great. I am seeking your opinions. 
  • maria1
    ravipeace, At 32 you ought to be able to make up your own mind, especially about whom to spend the rest of your life with. Happiness is the only pleasure in life and we all must find what truly makes us happy, a goal we face each day. The answer always comes from within.
  • echobird
    If you're obligated to bewed this woman then you walk away because she's sick that would be wrong. When you get married it's in sickness and health for richer or poorer. How would you fill if the tables were turned and you where the one that was sick? Ask yourself that. Maybe then you will find your answer. And if you walk away from her is she ever going to find someone else or be made into the hermit? And just because she's sick doesn't mean that you won't love each other amy less.