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  • msfish

    A Grandma with MS and a Family Death


         Today is October 9th. October 7th was my grandson's birthday. He passed away June 30th at 1:40pm. He would have been five years old. He was a very sweet boy who had a lot of illnesses wrong with him.
         He was born premature to start off with. He was normal in every way until he started eating table food around age one. His doctor at the time didn't catch it that he wasn't thriving. He was sick a long time until his mom took him to a different doctor. One of the first things the new Dr did was take his blood.
         The results came back  no growth hormone. He was sent to an out of town hospital UAB. Over the next few years, it was discovered he had Cartilage Hair Hypoplasia. This is a scid disease, meaning he had no immune system at all to fight off sicknesses. Along with this diagnosis came the information that he was a dwarf.  He had a lot of different doctors seeing him. Trying to come up with a way to help him. 
         The doctors said if he didn't get a bone marrow  transplant he would die before he would make it to ten years old.  Well at 4 years old, he was a happy little boy. Always brightening the room no matter where he was. Its like he really didnt know he was sick. He knew he stayed home a lot more than his big sisters. His mom looked after him giving him different medicine and feeding him through feeding tubes.
         Then he caught a bad cold that turned into pneumonia. He was in the hospital 6 weeks. He died twice before he died. He was a little fighter. I will never get over his death. So, I am going to write about him every time he is on my mind. RIP Peyton Kiker.

  • maria1
    Hi msfish, glad you came back. Please share with us all the beauty of Peyton, the more you share your joy the more you will be filled with the blessings of his life. Knowing joy is a treasure we ought never forget.
  • MS_Navigators
    I am so sorry for your loss.  Thank you for sharing.