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  • lizufod
    My fiance, Jennifer Starks, has recently created a facebook page dedicated to sharing anything and everything about MS as she has been diagnosed for a few years now.  She is reaching out to try and find a sense of community.  If you would like to drop by and participate or give a like, that would be amazing! Her page is MultipleSclerosis:MultipleLives. She would love to get to know you!
  • maria1
    lizufod, you are a nice guy, thank you. I limit my ms activity to this community and invite you and your fiance to join us here for everything we share about ms. maria
  • golgotha
    Give Jennifer my best, but like many others I refuse to use Facebook. As one computer science expert put it, Facebook is a surveillance system masquerading as a social media site.

    Facebook's entire business model is to get people to give up all sorts of personal info for free, and then to sell that data to multiple companies without users' knowledge or permission. FB has been nailed violating their own terms of service, using their users in all sorts of experiments, and FB's role in providing Cambridge Analytica electoral info in 2016 has been literally made into a documentary ("The Great Hack"). And their political activity bribing members of the US Congress? Well, I'll stop here. :-)

    But it's good to know Jennifer is reaching out to fellow MSers.