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  • Maine
    My family thinks I should stay home from work.i keep.trying to tell them my job does not have contact,I'm in room with a door answering my own phone.i always use the employee entrance,coming on going.I practice all the hand washing sanitizer  etc to.keep me safe.i.just feel that I well be okay,but my family thinks I'm being stubborn and selfish.
  • MS_Navigators
    Hello Maine,

    During this uncertain time, many people with MS have questions related to work. 
    You are welcome to review and share the Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) with your family.

    You may also be interested in our weekly Ask an MS Expert Webinar Series.

    Stephanie, MS Navigator
  • maria1
    Hey Maine, The question is: if you do get the virus from work how will you feel about it? it has been said that we will all get it, maybe some of us are strong enough to fight back. Are you prone to respiratory or sinus infections? That would be a good barometer, and yet, you have to choose for you. All three of you, the mental you, they physical you and the emotional you. And if you got the virus and gave it to someone in your family how would you feel? it is a tough decision but the buck stops with you. Is the reward worth the risk? Only you know that answer.  And are there frail members of your family that you might put at risk? The germ can live a long time and travel a good distance. Have you discussed the risks with people in your office? Will you wear a mask all day? Will you wear gloves all day? Please let us know your thoughts and decision, it is something we all have to consider. Like is it worth going to the store for a quart of milk?