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I'm wondering if other people have this problem or if I'm not doing it right.  When I reply to someone's post, I can't see my reply and I wonder if that means I'm also not seeing their reply to my reply.  Anyone know how I can fix this? Read More


Whenever any professional sector faces the latest technology, there are questions or doubts that often arise. Most questions that arise are related to how technology can simply disrupt the whole or daily operation. Plus, it even involves the career of the people who are selecting that particular profession. And… Read More

We Are Valuable*

I want to share the following story from a Max Lucado book. "It seems a couple of prowlers broke into a department store. They did what they came to do and left undetected. They took no merchandise. Nothing was removed. Instead of stealing, they changed the cost of everything.  $5.00 on a camera.  $395.00 on a… Read More


I'm starting all the testing for MS next week and can deal with most of the symptoms.  Just tired of this pain and numbness in both forearms and hands.  Any helpful hints until I able to get a diagnosis and treatment.   It's pretty much 24 hr pain.  I wear a brace on my right hand and have tried ice with… Read More


I was just diagnosed with MS 1 month ago. I’ve had lesions that they’ve brushed off as migraines for years. I’ve had about 4 mris in the last 2 years for other things, and it hasn’t changed until this summer with an active lesion. I also have Endometriosis, and was on Lupron Depot for 3 months. Lupron is a… Read More


Alright, so since I've joined this community, I've seen a lot of depressing posts about no one understanding (of course they don't understand, they aren't going through it) and the posts where newly diagnosed are trying to understand what they are going to go through (it's different for everyone, no one can… Read More

Gatorade Zero and Fatigue*

Gatorade was invented by the University in Florida for the gators who are footballers, you all know that, it replaces the electrolytes lost in the body from the exertion playing the game. The original Gatorade has sugar the Zero does not. Has anyone tried the Gatorade Zero to combat the fatigue?  Read More

HGH Therapy for MS *

I just joined and don't deal with MS but followed my sister from her  20's, remission for maybe 2 decades, and then full blown MS and her death at 68.  She was given MANY drugs by her specialists, but that's another topic. In recent months I've been doing very well with an HGH homeopathic gel that is used… Read More

Is there a link between NF and MS?*

I think there is a gene passing down on my husbands side of the family that is causing  MS, NF symptoms and fibromalgia. I was curious if there was research that is studying a link between NF and MS to the same gene. My MIL has been diagnosed with MS. My husband has NF symptoms but hasn't been diagnosed… Read More

Essure before having MS*

i had the Essure put in May of 2009 was just told I have MS back in November.  I cant tell which symptoms go with the Essure or the MS they seem to have a lot in common.  I am in the process of getting an appointment to have the Essure removed.  Anyone else out there like this??? Read More

Young People with MS

Hi, I am 19 and was diagnosed with MS when I was sixteen. I feel like there is a lot of support for parents with kids with MS but have not found anything for youth with MS, specifically a venue for these youth to connect. So, just trying to reach out and see if there's anyone else out there struggling with the… Read More


Back in elementary school, we were introduced to the idea of "goals". What kind? Well, we could try and win at sports in gym, get a certain mark on a test, or hit a high note in music. They started us off simple, getting us to focus on what we wanted and work towards it. In junior high we had to start outlining… Read More

An Open Letter of Thankfulness *

Hi Everyone- I’m Paula Brown and I’m new to this sight. In November, I released an Open Letter of Thankfulness revealing my diagnosis: I am Judge Paula Brown and I serve you as an Appeals Court Judge on the Louisiana Court of Appeal, Fourth Circuit.  Many of you who know me, know that I am a breast cancer… Read More