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I've really been struggling emotionally as of late.  My only family (younger brother who lives in another state) visits and announces "I cannot support you" if you need something charge it!  Huh? Background, I am 52 (living with MS for 25 years on Avonex 21 years).  Having worked 20+ years, I am now on… Read More

Telling my child about my MS *

Hello-  I am new to this site but any advice?  I am 43 and have had MS since 2005.  In the past 5-6 years I my legs have gotten noticeably worse making it difficult to walk (any further than a city block at a time). Often off balance & all around my gait has declined :(  I have many more MS issues yet this is… Read More


I have been married for almost 10 years to an alcoholic.  3 years ago he was diagnosed with MS. I knew then that he would need me more then ever to be the rock for our family . But 6 months ago I decided that we needed a seperation.  I always told myself that I could take the emotional and verbal abuse just as… Read More

Misdiagnosis stories*

I currently have a preliminary diagnosis of SLE (Lupus). I won't be able to see a rheumatologist for 3 more months. I've been looking into my issues for over 2 years. Everything I've looked at points to MS. So I'm asking for other people's stories of incorrect initial diagnosis. I know both MS and Lupus are… Read More

Just thought I would share!*

Hi all, I was studying for my classes and wanted to take a writing break and I came up with this "sort of" poem thing! Tell me what you think. I love trying to be creative and it's a nice way for me to focus on something else that's not school! This is just the beginning part of this poemything. I could've gone… Read More


I've had the hardest time trying to describe what the pain felt like when trying to explain it to doctors over the years especially the more recent ones where obviously the MS has been doing a number on me. My pain,  the worst of it anyways, is in my hips it started on one side and now is in both. Not all the… Read More

Very informative MS Doctor *

This MS doctor's educational videos are really great.  Aaron Boster MD actually shares REAL information, none of the fake media fluff we're all so sick of.    Check his videos out here:   Read More


Dr would like me to do this new drug but I'm not sure if I want to. Would like some advise if someone is doing this new drug and how they are doing on it. Any information would be greatful cause I'm up in the air with doing it or not. Thanks, Annette Read More

Don't know what to do *

Hello. My fiance and I moved to Florida in April  He has had ms for about 10 years  My question is , due to the heat ,he is deteriorating rapidly . We have been unable to see a neurologist as of yet, the earliest we could get in is in November . I'm very worried about how quickly this is happening and I'm so… Read More

Looking for new friends *

I’m finding it hard to find friends since I found out I had ms. I’m 24 so I didn’t have problems finding friends and everything before. Since my doctor made me leave working. It’s become hard to keep relationships with people and even people I grow up with. I was a very social person still am just don’t have… Read More

pregnancy & ms *

i was hoping to get some feedback or advice. I am 35 years old. I was diagnosed when i was 23. I have one child already at 24. I have double viosn that is not healing. chronic fatigue and weakness. i have not been pon any medication but recently found out i progressive ms now. i recently got married and we are… Read More

Clear MRI, but im confused *

So, I have been through a ton of testing recently because my neuro (who my GP sent me to for what I lovingly call "pinky on fire" syndrome) felt my symptoms fit M.S. We did a nerve conduction study on my arms and feet (neuropathy in both), bloodwork, an autonomic nervous system test, MRI with/with out contrast,… Read More

Face flushing

Hi there from the tundra of Minnesota :) The last few days I do not feel sick at all, but my face has been flushed and I feel hot a lot. Could this be the MS, or more likely is it the Copaxone? Thanks for your help! Megan Read More

urinary tract infections

This is my very first post. I am the caregiver for my husband who has progressive MS and was diagnosed in1991.  In the last several yrs he has been plagued with recurring UTI's. In july 12 he had a suprapubic catheter put in. Since that time he still continues with UTI's but now has a new bacteria that is… Read More