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Re: Continue with graduate education?*

There is one question to ask yourself: If you dont try, how will you feel? Will you regret missing the opportunity? Whether or not you achieve your goal of getting the phd is secondary. It is not a matter of succeeding, it is a matter of giving it a shot, using your best effort, giving it a go. So you will not… Read More


Gratitude helps to lift our eyes off the difficult things in life so that we can see the things in our life that are good. Being thankful helps you to establish a positive pattern of thinking. It also helps reduce stress and makes you more content. When you delibrately focus your attention on the blessings in… Read More


Hello all! I am reaching out to this community to see if anyone has experined the same thing I'm struggling with right now.  I was diagnosed with MS in January of 2018 and am currently on Tysabri infusions.  I started the infusions September 2018, and that's when I first experienced what I call "episodes".  I… Read More

When a wheelchair?*

  A question for chair users:  1) What was your moment when you decided to start using a wheelchair? One of my struggles with MS is that there is no defining moment like when a person has a spinal cord injury. It’s always and endlessly a question: When do I use a cane? A walker? A wheelchair? If I fight harder… Read More

My mom get tired really fast.*

Hello, my mom have ms. Today i was with her at shoping and she get tired pretty fast, after like 1500 meters of walking she get tired and her muscles hurt. She need to hold me up by hand to walk good. Can you suggest me please what she can do/eat for a better condition? And what i can do to help her more, i… Read More

It’s Hard to Grow Up!*

Hi Everyone, My name is Amanda and I’m 29... and 16 months.... I love living with my parents but it’s time to go-my boyfriend and I are ready to start a life together but we’re experiencing a road block that drives us crazy.  I applied for Section 8 housing, but we were denied. Every time we find an… Read More

stabbing pain in the ear

Has any one experienced a stabbing pain in the ear.  This pain doesn't last long just comes and goes at times.  I am noticing different things happening lately and I have been dealing with MS for just about 20 years now. Read More

We Are Valuable*

I want to share the following story from a Max Lucado book. "It seems a couple of prowlers broke into a department store. They did what they came to do and left undetected. They took no merchandise. Nothing was removed. Instead of stealing, they changed the cost of everything.  $5.00 on a camera.  $395.00 on a… Read More

Heat side effects on MS*

It's going to be 40 Celsius tomorrow here in Cairo-Egypt, if I went out for work tomorrow, would that affect me badly, as far as I know that heat is an MS enemy, so how much would that hurt me if I faced this heat tomorrow and the burning sun?!  Read More

Fighting to Retain my Mobility*

Hello everyone,  A couple years ago, some of you might remember, I posted an conversation regarding my fear of losing my mobility.  Well its been two years now and none of the new medications (Rituxan and Ocrevus) have really prevented the decline in my mobility due to my secondary progressive MS.   I still… Read More

Is this ms symptom not diagnosed *

Hello I went to ent doctor told him my ear has been ringing and popping alot mostly does it in the car the popping does and sometimes its crackly sounding .but he wanted to know if I had vision problems I said just ocular migraine evey blue moon well he assumes I have ms now because of these I went… Read More