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Ask an MS Expert | Webinar

During this Friday’s — May 29 at 1pm ET — Ask an MS Expert program we’ll look at the additional challenges of the COVID-19 crisis in maintaining health and wellness with MS, including maintaining emotional wellness during this time and handling the additional stress and the potential impact it may have on… Read More

Plastic Surgery and MS*

I was diagnosed with MS in 2015. Ive had no flare ups since diagnosis. Ive been on Tecfidera 240 mg. No other health related issues, although I did get shingles last year on my face. (Boy, was that painful) Any way, I lost about 60 lbs through diet and exercise 2 years ago and although Ive put a little of it… Read More

Ask an MS Expert | Webinar

This Friday — May 22 at 1pm ET — our MS expert will tackle treatments for COVID-19 that are being explored, including news about the impact of Vitamin D and antibodies. We’ll look at the duration of symptoms and whether multiple sclerosis impacts the severity of symptoms, and discuss questions such as if we… Read More

Ask an MS Expert | Webinar

This Friday’s — May 15 at 1pm ET— live broadcast of the Ask an MS Expert series addresses questions that those living with MS have about treating their MS during this time, especially as it relates to the use of disease-modifying therapies (DMTs). We’ll also look at the latest research to stop MS in its tracks,… Read More


My mother has MS, I've always been worried I would have it to. My mother's mood swings are overwhelming and a source of a lot of stress, which I've been dealing with for 33 years. As long as I could remember.  Recently (May 2nd) I went to my Uncles house to clean it out with the family being he passed away… Read More

Ms and now breast cancer *

I have been battling ms since 2010 with good success but after taking treatment I am now diagnosed with breast cancer.  Is there anyone here with me.  I am trying to be positive but t unknown is scary.  Any advice? Read More

Well been dxd by 2 neuros and!!!*

Ok so my MS has been a roller coaster up and down there's been days I can get around so so then days all I can do is lay in bed. And I kinda gave up for awhile. Between depression then stress it's been tuff. What happened was I had my sister helping me when I was with my x who was abusive. And I checked out so… Read More

Let's talk hobbies!*

Hi, I'm new here and I'm still learning how to use this website so I'm really sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place.I just thought that what with the current situation where most of us are having to stay at home, we could talk about the hobbies we have.I have a lot of hobbies, but over the years, I've… Read More


Hi, I am just looking to find connections with other caregivers. I am Also a young adult (27 years old) and it's hard for that age bracket specifically to understand what I go through.  Read More


Hello all, I am curious if there is a social meet in the inland empire in CA to meet others with MS.  I am alone on this and diagnosed in the 90's.  I don't know anyone, and family does not understand.  I was told to go to the support groups, which I have, but majority are married and do not go through what I… Read More