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MS and Cervical Dystonia *

Hi!! Recently diagnosed with MS. I have Cervical Dystonia, diagnosed 14 years ago. I am being told its very rare to have 2 neurological disorders that completely affect different parts of your brain. Does anyone on this connection, also have Cervical Dystonia?? Also, whole body numbness from head to toe is… Read More


I'm wondering if other people have this problem or if I'm not doing it right.  When I reply to someone's post, I can't see my reply and I wonder if that means I'm also not seeing their reply to my reply.  Anyone know how I can fix this? Read More


OK I'm new here and glad I found this forum as I spend most of my time isolated from ppl in general. I hope to become an active contributing member but have a question for those drawing SSDI. I received the long form a few weeks ago and sent it in. My question is why would I receive the long-form in the first… Read More


Does anyone else experience this? A couple weeks ago, I was standing in the cold for a while (my hands were in my pockets, but I didn't have gloves). I noticed they turned blue-ish, and then once I came in and warmed up a bit, I noticed my index finger on one hand was white below the knuckle. I've since… Read More


i want to take my adult son with ms to a pool for exercise and enjoyment.  so far, i cannot find a program for us. we live in west babylon, ny Read More

Assistance needed*

Hi my name is John, I've been volunteering at bike MS in Oregon for a couple years. Last year I was very inspired by those that were riding with MS. I said last year I'm not going to make any more excuses for myself. I also want to ride with MS next year. So because of a bike company called different spokes was… Read More

stabbing pain in the ear

Has any one experienced a stabbing pain in the ear.  This pain doesn't last long just comes and goes at times.  I am noticing different things happening lately and I have been dealing with MS for just about 20 years now. Read More


I'm looking for any and all advice, thoughts, experiences, and wisdom regarding the USA Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Discharge process.Short story is that I can't work anymore like I used to (unable to engage in any substantial gainful activity by reason of a medically determinable physical impairment).… Read More

An Open Letter of Thankfulness *

Hi Everyone- I’m Paula Brown and I’m new to this sight. In November, I released an Open Letter of Thankfulness revealing my diagnosis: I am Judge Paula Brown and I serve you as an Appeals Court Judge on the Louisiana Court of Appeal, Fourth Circuit.  Many of you who know me, know that I am a breast cancer… Read More

Need help*

Idk what to put this under. I will be homeless by New years. I'm in West virginia. I have no where to go  I have Partial paralysis from a stroke and Multiple sclerosis and manic depression and dementia. My MS is progressing worse and it's not looking good. I have been bouncing from home to home rather its… Read More

Nice To Meet You*

My story is that in 2013 I got a case of Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis. If you are not familiar with it it has a lot of the same traits of MS. As my doctor said "If you get it one more time then you have MS". I got it one more time but it was less intense, so technically I got it 1.5 times. Nevertheless… Read More

Getting my diagnoses

Hi guys, my name is Kristyn. I figured i'd use this opportunity to share my story so that I can help others who probably have the same feelings as I did/do. So here's my story! Back in March 2018, I was hospitalized due to an episode of Optic Neuritis. I had been slowly losing my vision in my left eye which by… Read More

urinary tract infections

This is my very first post. I am the caregiver for my husband who has progressive MS and was diagnosed in1991.  In the last several yrs he has been plagued with recurring UTI's. In july 12 he had a suprapubic catheter put in. Since that time he still continues with UTI's but now has a new bacteria that is… Read More


I've really been struggling emotionally as of late.  My only family (younger brother who lives in another state) visits and announces "I cannot support you" if you need something charge it!  Huh? Background, I am 52 (living with MS for 25 years on Avonex 21 years).  Having worked 20+ years, I am now on… Read More

Telling my child about my MS *

Hello-  I am new to this site but any advice?  I am 43 and have had MS since 2005.  In the past 5-6 years I my legs have gotten noticeably worse making it difficult to walk (any further than a city block at a time). Often off balance & all around my gait has declined :(  I have many more MS issues yet this is… Read More