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My Past Life when I worked*

I worked since I was fifteen years old. I loved working being independant and having my own money. So how did I get into my position that I am in now? And how can I fix it? I was diagnosised in 2012. I worked about 2 years after that. Then, I thought I was doing the right thing by medically retiring. I was in… Read More

Flying *

I am 65 and recently dianosed with MS.  I have lost all function in my left leg and now have to use a scooter to get around.  Has anyone flown while taking a scooter?  If so how hard is it?   Read More

Flying *

I am 65 and recently dianosed with MS.  I have lost all function in my left leg and now have to use a scooter to get around.  Has anyone flown while taking a scooter?  If so how hard is it?   Read More

Happy 4th of July everyone!*

All, I hope everyone has an enjoyable & safe 4th of July! Remember to stay cool & hydrated while you celebrate America's Birthday. May all your party's be filled with friends and family. Also please be careful if your going to go see or use fireworks.  Happy Birthday America!!! Read More


Hi- ON 8/2012. Diagnosed 11/2012.  Vision better 10/2012.  BUT now when I read or look at a computer for more than 30 minutes my vision goes blurry.  I do see an Optical Nuerologist, she gave me glasses that help a little.  But I still feel like I was punched in the eyes after reading.  It makes me sad… Read More


Join Us! The National MS Society is hosting a live Facebook event Thursday, September 26 called Pathways to a Cure from 2-3pm ET. More info here:Facebook Live Event UPDATE: Event is over but you can still watch the recording on Facebook. And, if you watched it, what did you think? Read More

Intense Itch

I don't see many posts about itching.  Besides fatigue, my worst syptom is itching.  It is localized (foot) and debilitating.  My neuro likens it to pain because it is so intense.  When I try to sleep it will begin; I have to get up and walk for a while (which is difficult when so sleepy).   I've seen four docs… Read More

Undecided on treatment!*

Sorry for a long post, want to get some suggestions on way forward, below is a chronology of my events dealing with MS, 2009 - Had an attack of optical neuritis on right eye, 2 lesions in brain, treated with IV for 5 days after which I could recover my vision. CSF test came back positive for oligoclonal bands … Read More

Looking for roommate *

 hi there. My name is David and I’m a 51-year-old man living with MS since 2001. I currently live in assisted living in Austin Texas. I am looking to move to a private residence with others in a similar circumstance  and share rent and caregiving expenses. I already have confirmed one roommate and I’m looking… Read More


Hi I've been thinking about my illness and it concerns me why no one put two and two together earlier.   In October 2012 I had severe labyrthitus, took me five days to resolve.   Never had it before in my life. I've read that herpes ear virus can lay dormant.   Then 10 weeks later I get my symptoms of dizziness… Read More


I'm wondering if other people have this problem or if I'm not doing it right.  When I reply to someone's post, I can't see my reply and I wonder if that means I'm also not seeing their reply to my reply.  Anyone know how I can fix this? Read More


Whenever any professional sector faces the latest technology, there are questions or doubts that often arise. Most questions that arise are related to how technology can simply disrupt the whole or daily operation. Plus, it even involves the career of the people who are selecting that particular profession. And… Read More

We Are Valuable*

I want to share the following story from a Max Lucado book. "It seems a couple of prowlers broke into a department store. They did what they came to do and left undetected. They took no merchandise. Nothing was removed. Instead of stealing, they changed the cost of everything.  $5.00 on a camera.  $395.00 on a… Read More


I was just diagnosed with MS 1 month ago. I’ve had lesions that they’ve brushed off as migraines for years. I’ve had about 4 mris in the last 2 years for other things, and it hasn’t changed until this summer with an active lesion. I also have Endometriosis, and was on Lupron Depot for 3 months. Lupron is a… Read More