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I'm wondering if other people have this problem or if I'm not doing it right.  When I reply to someone's post, I can't see my reply and I wonder if that means I'm also not seeing their reply to my reply.  Anyone know how I can fix this? Read More

stabbing pain in the ear

Has any one experienced a stabbing pain in the ear.  This pain doesn't last long just comes and goes at times.  I am noticing different things happening lately and I have been dealing with MS for just about 20 years now. Read More

Gay people with MS*

is there anyone in the usa who is openly gay and have MS. I am trying to find a network of people who might be willing to be my friend if not more. I am a gay man. I have no friends or family. I am looking to relocate within the lower 48 states. Please email me direct at Read More

Half crutch advice*

My sister has MS and I just left visiting with her where I learned through conversation and observation that she is no longer using her cane bc of it causing back problems. She is no using these super awkward hiking poles bc they were “cheap on Amazon” She needed half crutches but said they were too expensive… Read More

Need help with my home and truck*

Ok I live in Joshua tree and some of my family lives nearby but really aren't interested in helping or just don't have time or they just don't want to help. It's so frustrating. I've been sick for years with MS and now I've been in a flair up since getting sick a little over a week ago and now my left side is… Read More

Scared *

I've been dealing with the fact that I have ms. I don't understand it. But in the last week I'm really scared. I have a night that I don't remember anything. I know I fell from the bruised ribs that I now have. I'm now wondering if my husband and kids would be better off without me in their lives every day. I… Read More


Hello to everyone out there! I was curious if anyone here has any information on possible grants or financial assistance for taking  classes? I start on April 10th for certified medical assistant and only qualify for $9500 in financial aid leaving about $6500 left for me to pay outright. I wasn't sure if this… Read More

Disability benefits*

Hi,  I'm new to the group so please redirect me if this the wrong forum. My wife was diagnosed over 20 years ago now. We're originally from England but have lived in the Raleigh NC area for 14 years. We are naturalized US citizens. On it says that since I'm eligible for disability benefits that my… Read More


I was recently  diagnosed with multiple sclerosis after being diagnosed I realized I’ve had this for over 20 years from the symptoms thinking it was just aged my lifestyle 30 years ago I was diagnosed with retroperitoneal fibrosis which is an inflammation disease and no cure was given 3 to 4 months to live was… Read More

An Open Letter of Thankfulness *

Hi Everyone- I’m Paula Brown and I’m new to this sight. In November, I released an Open Letter of Thankfulness revealing my diagnosis: I am Judge Paula Brown and I serve you as an Appeals Court Judge on the Louisiana Court of Appeal, Fourth Circuit.  Many of you who know me, know that I am a breast cancer… Read More

Relapse or not?*

Hello everyone. I was just diagnosed with RRMS last week. It started with a bout of optic neuritis, which I've seemed to bounce back from fairly well, but now I'm tired all the time and my upper back hurts. My question...Is this the way I'm going to feel all the time? Or is it a relapse? I know that relapses… Read More

Should I ask for a spinal MRI? *

I am currently diagnosed with Clinically Isolated Syndrome in October of 2018. I've been taking Copaxone since November. When I was first in the process of being diagnosed, I had a brain MRI (multiple lesions) and a cervical/neck MRI (clear). I've never had my spine imaged. I have an MRI coming up to establish… Read More

MS and Cervical Dystonia *

Hi!! Recently diagnosed with MS. I have Cervical Dystonia, diagnosed 14 years ago. I am being told its very rare to have 2 neurological disorders that completely affect different parts of your brain. Does anyone on this connection, also have Cervical Dystonia?? Also, whole body numbness from head to toe is… Read More