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I recent post here prompted my question.  My neuro (who retired two years ago) told me to stop Avonex at age 65.  I was dx 25 years ago (when beta was on lottery) and started Avonex 22 years ago.  My MRIs have always been stable (a few mild relapses over the years but only CRABS back then) so I continued Avonex… Read More


Hi, I've been overwhelmed with school. With 1 class 4 days a week for a hour, I spend from 8;30-3:00 at the college 5 days a week working on it. Episodes last winter and spring sure took alot cognitively from me! I had a test on chapter 2 (Excel) yesterday. I read the chapter 3 times, did all the projects in… Read More

it aint ms*

Here it is the middle of the night, I am wide awake in an emotional crisis. One of the upper front teeth broke and can be capped, but the DDS says that the other upper front teeth will also fail eventually and the problem with waiting to cap the rest of the teeth is that matching the color will be difficult so… Read More

Portable Healthcare Data APP for MS*

Hi all - I am a student with Georgetown McDonough School of Business and we are considering building a secure portable healthcare data app to help MS patients organize medical records, resources. Would anyone have interest in discussing MS? We need to interview patients to better understand the problems or… Read More


Those of you who are single and and when do you bring up your MS? I've been seeing someone and it's starting to get more serious and sooner than later he is going to notice, he already has asked questions. I definitely need to tell him something. But I don't have a diagnosis, so how do I explain… Read More

Age of Diagnosis*

I'm still trying to figure out these discussion boards so if anyone is willing to share with me, that would be great.  I can't seem to figure out how to reply to other posts, without starting a new conversation (and I don't necessarily want to do that).  I'm also very confused as to why my profile picture… Read More


Today I either pulled a muscle or tore a muscle. I bent at the knees and as I was straightening back up, I felt the pull. Last time this happened it happened on the right side. It took a whole year for it to heel. I didn't go low either. I am just not able to.  My question... I read that muscles get weak. I… Read More

Essure before having MS*

i had the Essure put in May of 2009 was just told I have MS back in November.  I cant tell which symptoms go with the Essure or the MS they seem to have a lot in common.  I am in the process of getting an appointment to have the Essure removed.  Anyone else out there like this??? Read More


I was just diagnosed with MS 1 month ago. I’ve had lesions that they’ve brushed off as migraines for years. I’ve had about 4 mris in the last 2 years for other things, and it hasn’t changed until this summer with an active lesion. I also have Endometriosis, and was on Lupron Depot for 3 months. Lupron is a… Read More

Tecfidera or Rituxan?*

I have been on copaxone for the last 7 years. Due to a recent relapse, my doctor has recommended that I switch therapies. Can anyone give me any feedback on Tecfidera or Rituxan? I do test positive for the JC virus. Thank you for any advice. Read More

Re: Continue with graduate education?*

There is one question to ask yourself: If you dont try, how will you feel? Will you regret missing the opportunity? Whether or not you achieve your goal of getting the phd is secondary. It is not a matter of succeeding, it is a matter of giving it a shot, using your best effort, giving it a go. So you will not… Read More

Friendly Reminder

This is a friendly reminder that we have Community Guidelines. The link is always in the footer at the bottom of this page under the MS Connection heading. Any posts or comments that fall outside of our guidelines will be deleted. Thank you.Community Guidelines Read More


I am a caregiver and I know I'm tired most of the time, but whenever I want to check out the discussion groups, I have a heck of a time finding them.  is there anyone who can direct me to the discussion groups from the main page to start at when you log in?   Without clicking on all kinds of links and finding… Read More

MS Fatigue in Teens

My 18 year old son was diagnosed with MS this past summer.  He hasn't experienced any relapse, that we know of, since his initial symptom 3 years ago.  He's been having extreme difficulty waking up in the mornings for school.  I don't know if this is normal.  His neurologist prescribed Dexatrin to keep him… Read More

MS perhaps?

Looking for answers.  Here's a little info. I have Fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, Hashimotos disorder/thyroid, osteopeenia in back, osteporosis in my hips,absence seizures,asthma,  neuropathy and arthritis in right hand, and cataracts in both eyes.  During the last  couple of months, I have had more… Read More