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Just to talk..*

So since being diagnosed, I have noticed more symptoms of MS that I just blew off from before. But besides that, I have to say I have had maybe 2 good days this week, the rest of the week has been hell. I've been in an enormous amount of pain in my back/neck and I feel so exhausted. I know a part of my extreme… Read More


I understand that the average person may not understand MS, but I have had several recent interactions with different physicians (primarily my PCP and psychiatrist but others as well) and found that they know very little about the disease. I find it insulating and frustrating. I should mention that I am a… Read More

Very frustrated*

I just do not know what to do. Every symptom I have read I have had almost. As I am writing this my face around my nose and lip are numb as usual. I went to a neurologist, he could care less. I told him my skin felt like it was on fire if I took a certain medicine for migraine. He had no idea. My left eye… Read More

Weighted Blanket *

Does anyone have experience using a weight blanket for MS symtoms? I was thinking about getting one, but I thought I should get the opion of people may have or is using it first. Read More


Hello all, In addition of trying to deal with day to day activities and my own well-being, I love going to music festivals and shows. Since I am a music writer (and must attend) there are days where it seems impossible to drag myself out of bed to cover a band. I don't disclose this to many people but it has… Read More

Desperate and at the end of my rope

This is a lot longer than I originally planned- but I hope someone reads it. It's my message in bottle. Weird stuff had been happening on and off for years but in May 2013 my lower back back began hurting throbbing stabbing burning and down through my buttocks and legs. The numbness and tingling in my legs… Read More

Research Project about MS *

Hi my name is Rachael and I am a Nursing student and one of our assignments is a paper on MS.  I chose this assignment in part, because my Mom has MS but I would love to hear from you.  Here are my questions: 1.  How does MS effect your everyday life?   2.  How has it affected you emotionally? 3.  Has it had… Read More


Why do discussions sometimes disappear? I wanted to look at a conversation from a few days ago to see if there were any more responses, but the whole discussion is gone. What's going on? Am I doing something wrong? Read More


The New York Times 4.7.18 has an article about antidepressants, stating that they are for temporary use only and persons who have been on them for long periods of time have difficulty getting off them and must be weaned slowly over long periods of time.   Read More

Essure before having MS*

i had the Essure put in May of 2009 was just told I have MS back in November.  I cant tell which symptoms go with the Essure or the MS they seem to have a lot in common.  I am in the process of getting an appointment to have the Essure removed.  Anyone else out there like this??? Read More

Humira for UC and MS*

I was diagnosed 25 years ago w/ ms. I had a few optic neuritis flare ups and some numbness over the years but was symptom free most of the time. 5 years ago I got ulcerative colitis that’s was very bad. I had blood transfusions every other week. No pill medication would work. I was then put on Humira and went… Read More

Ballroom Dancing and MS*

I have been dancing since I was five and have been recently diagnosied with MS in January 2018.  I have found that ballroom dancing helps me cope with the diagnosis but am afraid that there is going to be a limited time of when I can continue to dance. I recently had a flare up because of a diesase modifing… Read More

Traveling with meds*

Im sure this questions has been asked a lot but i am new to this site and have only been taking rebif for about a month and still pretty new to this. I will be traveling for a few days for work and i am trying to find a cooler that can carry a few of the auto injectors. MS Lifelines has been great and sent me a… Read More


Hello Everyone, I am very new here. I would like to know if other's spouses have had bad depression and how it has affected their marriage?  My wife has MS and has bad depression and has said she feel she doesn't contribute to the house like she wants. Lately I've found she has been very distant and seems to… Read More

**new and confused** *

I fell 2/8 and my right leg and arm have felt,like jello, sending pain thru my legs up my spine, pins and,needles, amd electrical shocks. I also lost control (I have no urges saying "hey lets go") of my bladder and bowel. I,have been in the hospital for 8 days now because I fell again a week ago and ended up… Read More

I want to go home! *

Hi everyone! I ask for your help please!  I have been in the hospital since 2016 after a VERY nasty MS relapse! My family and I are trying to get me home before Easter but construction must be done first  (now making everything handicap accessible). Please donate and/or share with friends and family! I would… Read More