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massage therapy*

Ok fellow MS people... who has used massage therapy and does it seem to help? The weather is chaging back to down right cold here in Indiana and I am so stiff and my whole body hurts. I was thinking about doing a massage but I am a little scared. Any thoughts?? Read More

double vision and how was it treated?

double vision and how was it treated? Beginning of Jan. I was told I have MS. I have double vision now, that is how I found out. I am American living in Japan. Did anyone else have double vision and how was it treated? What medicine did you take? Did it cure your double vision?  Read More

Assistance programs*

My wife was diagnosed with MS last spring and has been doing pretty good since her last flare up. She recently had another flare and she is currently in the hospital. She was transferred from the hospital in Wyoming where we live to the hospital in Montana where her MS doctor is. She has been in the hospital a… Read More

Bipolar and MS*

Hello, ​Has anyone been affected by bipolar and MS?  If so how are you dealing and or coping? I am trying to deal with both without any help really due to leaving my job and the stress of people not understanding. They automatically say stop playing the victim. Its annoying and ive basically given up on alot.… Read More

M.S. And Osteoarthritis *

Hi! New to site. I have a question. Wondering if anyone out there, with M.S., also suffers from osteoarthritis. I am having knee replacement surgery because of This in a few months. Has anyone ever experienced this?? Read More

MS and alcohol consumption*

Hello,  Diagnosed about 4 and a half months ago being 25 years old i have found it more tough going out with my friends at time because i dont want to put myself in a sitaution where i feel like i should drink. Ive read about alcohol and MS online and as expected most reccomend to drink in moderation. I didnt… Read More

Need someone to help guide me *

I'm feeling frustrated, I feel that I just want to be alone where I don't bother anyone of my family. I was researching assisted living because I feel that way they can come and visit me and I am away from all to be left in peace and quiet. I'm just fed up with everyone in my household stating  that I bring… Read More

Life with MS*

Hey, everyone I just joined MS connection although I've had MS for about 6-7 years. I am now 29 there were a lot of bumps in the road when I first go diagnosed. I hate seeing people having difficulties getting diagnosed because ironically the doctor diagnosed me but said that my symptoms were worsening because… Read More

Therapy Dog *

Hello everyone, I'm new to this, I was directed here by Maren from the National MS Society, they thought the community here might be able to help with the dilemma I'm having. There is more detailed information about me/my journey in my profile, but the reason I'm here today specifically, is because I'm trying… Read More

Day-to-Day awareness *

Here's the question: do you do anything on a day-to-day basis to raise awareness that you are connected to MS?   Specifically I am asking about wearing an orange wristband from MS, hat, pin, t-shirt, etc.  I hate things on my wrist (haven't worn a watch in a very long time), but feel I should be doing more to… Read More


Hello, My name is Curt. I’m a father, husband, educator, & so much disease is just another part of who I am. My disease is NOT me.  I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remittent MS on Nov 15, 2017. After a missed diagnosis in 2007 and many reassurances that lightning doesn’t strike twice, I have a rare… Read More

How did you take the news.*

Everyone responds differently to bad news. But when a Doctor tells you "You have MS" the responds can range from relief to some just dropped the world on you.  Mine was "kaboom there was an earth shattering kaboom" Thought my world was over. Doing some research helped with that but still. Didn't help with the… Read More

What do we Do? *

Hello, I'm writing this on behalf of my mum. She's recently diagnosed with MS and too be frank the whole situation is a rather large joke although we aren't finding it funny. She's receiving no help and support. The doctors currently are failing my mum, massively. She's worked in schools for the past 15 years… Read More

Tecfidera and Thanksgiving*

Hi. I was on Copaxone for 2 years and started having bad reactions to the medication.  The doctor is switching me to Tecfidera.  I had to go off of Copaxone approx. 6 weeks ago. Believe it or not, it has been taking some time thanks to insurance and othe situations.  After reviewing the side effects, I am… Read More


Alright, so since I've joined this community, I've seen a lot of depressing posts about no one understanding (of course they don't understand, they aren't going through it) and the posts where newly diagnosed are trying to understand what they are going to go through (it's different for everyone, no one can… Read More


Hi, I’m new here. I tend to not use my actual name on sites, but you can call me Claude. Sorry this is going to be long, but I wanted to share my story as an introduction. Hope that’s okay. :)I was diagnosed with MS in 2017 on my 27th birthday. It was during my last year of optometry school, which consisted of… Read More

Newly Diagnosed and Feeling Lost*

This is going to be long...:) I was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago. I am 47 and a mom to 2 teens and one young adult. Early this summer I started getting painful tightness in my torso with pain in my rib cage, left side only. At the same time, I had numbness in my left leg and both feet (that has happened on an… Read More