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the pits?*

You on facebook? They have a free game, Spot the Differences? showing two photos with five differences that you play with random persons. Well, I stink! either i dont see all five or i take the longest time to see it, you playing? Read More

Went to the dentist today*

My bottom right lip is all numbed up and I keep forgetting. MS has taken my ability to speak right and I have troubles pronouncing words even though being numb may feel weird to some, I keep forgetting that I'm numb because pronunciation is always a problem for me. :) Read More

gen. inquiry *

My sister and my brother both had MS. Now, one of my nieces had been diagnosed with it as well. Doctors are considering treating her with either Plegridy (pegiferon beta1a) or Copaxone. I checked on the various side effects, but would like to now from actual users how severe they really are. Are there ways to… Read More

Bad Blood*

In August of this year I inquired via email about donating plasma and received this reply from a plasma donation center -Our apologies but unfortunately people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis are currently deferred from our program. Thank you for your interest however, and we hope you have a wonderful day… Read More


Please name your gender(M/F), age,city,country(you were born in or if you moved to another city before 12),family history(relationship to you), if you got diagnosed with MS?​ MS is thought to be prevalent more in females with F:M=3:1 and prevalent in countries further away from the equater and believed to have… Read More

for norcamp et al OUT OF CONTROL*

So you say you are feeling out of control. Well, let's talk about that: ​We have all been living under the illusion that we are in control of our lives and our circumstances, we think because the repetition in our lives brings forth the same reaction every time, that we are in control of our lives. Just… Read More

Alcoholism & MS

My mother died this year of "MS", a diagnosis given to her by her primary care physician two years before her death. She was 62 years of age and had "MS" symptoms for 34 years prior to her diagnosis. Before the "MS" title was given to her she had lung surgery for pneumonia, Hepatitis B, foot surgeries for poor… Read More


Past 4 weeks, have been a blur. Went to hospital for Stoke symptoms. Couldnt swallow, talk, see, walk use my left hand or open my left eye. Diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis and MS. I am a single mom, one income, getting by fine one day. Now I cant do daily task. Worried about my future. Bills, kids, love life… Read More

How do you make big life decisions?*

I was in my second semester of grad school. I think it was 2010 when I noticed blurriness in my right eye. At first I just thought I needed a new prescription for my contacts. When I went to the eye Dr she immediately referred me to a neuro-ophthalmologist. After he examined me, he sent me to the best… Read More

Changing medication *

Hey everyone I am new to this! I got diagnosed with MS about 3 years ago. I have been taking tecfidera. I just met with my neurologist and he told me that I need to switch to a different medication. My lymphocytes have not stabilized with this med. Anyways I told him that I am planning on getting married and… Read More

Boosting immune system*

Hi there! I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on boosting my weak immune system. I get sick so often and honestly it's just exhausting. If there is a person around me and they are sick I get it; my kids come home with a bug- I get it and so on. It's just aweful. Illness is already starting early here in… Read More

Good neurologist in Sarasota, FL*

I just moved from Atlanta to Bradenton, FL and need to find a good neurologist.  Does anyone know of one in the Sarasota/Bradenton area.  I know there is an MS center at the University of South Florida in Tampa, but is there anyone closer?  I've googled my question and several doctors in Sarasota who… Read More


  I have a complicated relationship with food. In my youth, I was a compulsive eater. Then I changed my lifestyle and through diet and exercise, lost 90 lbs and maintained that for well over a decade. Spacitisity changed my exercise habits. I can't work out as long and hard as I used to, but I still get there. … Read More


Those of you who are single and and when do you bring up your MS? I've been seeing someone and it's starting to get more serious and sooner than later he is going to notice, he already has asked questions. I definitely need to tell him something. But I don't have a diagnosis, so how do I explain… Read More

Podcasting with MS*

I've been using a podcast to document MS and my life. I hope that you like it and it helps me to connect with my Ms family. If you have ideas for other places I should post it or things I should change or someone I should send it to please let me know. Go ahead and share it all you want. I hope that it helps… Read More