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No lesions?*

Hi everyone. I'm new here, I don't have a diagnosis yet, but MS is a possibility. I've done some research of my own and I've read that 1 in 20 people diagnosed with MS do not have lesions on their brain. So my question is....any of you out there that were diagnosed without lesions???? I have optic nerve damage… Read More

Hilliard Ohio*

I am looking for people who live near me - Hilliard is 15 miles from Columbus, Ohio. I am new here, have MS, still working and want to start a support group. Please let me know if you are interested. Read More


Hi, I've been overwhelmed with school. With 1 class 4 days a week for a hour, I spend from 8;30-3:00 at the college 5 days a week working on it. Episodes last winter and spring sure took alot cognitively from me! I had a test on chapter 2 (Excel) yesterday. I read the chapter 3 times, did all the projects in… Read More

Neurologist appointment *

what is a typical neurologist appointment like after diagnosis? Are there specific assessments that the doctor needs to do relating to gait, stability, locations of pain, limb weakness, or depression?  I went in with a list of questions but truly felt that I was taking up too much time. Starting on copaxone… Read More

Please Help My Best Friend*

Hello Fellow MS Warriors, I am reaching out today looking for help and guidance that we are all so capable of doing since we live with this disease everyday, My bestfriend was diagnosed just over a year ago, though regrettably, unlike with most cases the relapses never seemed to come to an end. Now my dear… Read More

Buckeye Breakaway*

Hello Everyone, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Sam Smith and I am a 21 year old student studying Health Sciences at Ohio State University.  This August, I decided I am going to volunteer to cycle for MS.  This event is called "Buckeye Breakaway" and I am a two-day rider.  I am riding with my… Read More

i feel real stupid *

My name is matthew martinez, I was diagnosed October 2015 with Ms..I just have been real depressed for sometime...I'm struggling with my diet and working out and my energy is seems stupid to even complain but I can't seem to get myself out of this spot ....I've been recently feeling more of the… Read More

I have always been different*

When I was diagnosed over 2 years ago, what scared me the most was having to avoid the heat. I loved the heat! I love everything outdoors in the summer. Laying out, water parks, six flags and barbecues. Last summer I just decided I was going to keep doing what I love, and hope for the best. I was pretty much… Read More

Environmental connections *

Hi, all. I am new here, and am posting for the first time. I was wondering if anyone happens to know if there are any cases of environmental connections, or exposure to anything that is known/found to cause MS? I am asking because when I was diagnosed a few years back, I soon found that there were five other… Read More

The flu and MS *

Although yes, I do have MS, I rarely becpme ill with anything else. After my last two flu shots I felt as though I was ill. Then about three weeks ago I caught the flu - fever, chills, extreme weakness, extreme tiredness, loss of appetite, sinus trouble and general strong malaise all over my body. It lasted… Read More

Proctalgia fugax syndrome 😖*

Has anyone experienced this? For me it was a severe and deep cramping in the back anal (or higher) area. I can only relate the discomfort to labour contractions before giving birth! I have only experienced this once and about a week ago when it happened in the middle of the night. Let's talk about it. Gloria Read More

Guilt and other feelings*

I do not have spasticity, numbness, or any other myriad of symptoms I’ve read that MS patients get/have. For that I feel guilty.  I feel guilty that 90 out of 100 days I feel awesome. Those 10 days I’m usually pretty fatigued.  The fatigue hits me hard and fast. One day I’m great, the next I’m down for the… Read More

Cycling for MS!!*

Hello Everyone! I would like to announce I am registered for "Buckeye Breakaway".  My goal is to raise as much as I possibly can but at least $500+ for those affected by MS.  I will be cycling 62 miles one day and 75 the next, this is because I have seen what MS can do not only to a person but their families… Read More

Young at diagnosis *

Hello, I'm looking for help and support. In novmeber i will be marrying my best friend and soul mate. For 3 years now i have learned about as much as i'm able to process about RRMS but i'm having trouble finding people to connect with. My finance is only 23. She was diagnosed at 17. I, myself, am 27. I'm… Read More

Lower back pain*

  I know exactly what's causing my lower back pain. It's my messed up gait. I'm concerned I'm doing real damage but don't know what to do about it. Any suggestions would be great! Read More

Announcing a MS meetup group in NYC

Hello everybody, I've started a new group for people with MS in New York City (surprisingly there wasn't one anywhere in NYC) and if you're interested please do join, it's free! - Looking forward to meeting you! :-) Thanks, ToNY Read More

Search doesn't work *

The bugs in this website are really getting to me. I can search, but when I click on what I want the page is blank. I'm going through each post one at a time and looking for what I want since the search feature doesn't work. I still haven't found it 27 pages deep...useless. GRRR What's the global database… Read More