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  • cherrylyn423
    hi i am geri lyn my grandmother had MS for 20 plus years and i became curious about it a few months back and from what i have read a lot of my problems make sense when i was a teenager i went from having 20/20 vision to having blurry and double vision we just figured the doctor i had was wrong and my vision had always been bad but it wasnt and it has gotten worse over the years i am 24 years old now i also started getting tremors that would come and go alot when i was a teenager my doc sent me to a neurologist and she said i was fine cuz i wasnt having them at the time i always started having muscle spasms in my legs involentary ones my legs will just start kicking and hurting also i started out fo no where having sharp stabbing pain in me lower back going down my hips to the point i couldnt walk or get out of bed and i also get numbness in my hips my doc at the time thought i had a pinched nerve and tried to get me and mri but my insurance wouldnt pay for it thn i got pregnant i also have muscle weakness in my hands that comes and goes alot and i get extremly tired in the middle of the day for no reason at all even if i slept on the night before i still have all these problems they have gotten worse but they come and go i do have good days but then i have days i cant get out of bed i brought this up with my most reacent doctor i asked her if she knew anything about MS and that i would like to talk about it but she just said no she doesnt then changed the subject and started talkin to my husband i dont know if i should persue this more or just leave it like it is now i would like some advice
  • kara_w
    My primary care physician was very upfront with me in that he doesn't know anything about MS. However, he referred me to a neurologist who did. I got recommendations from several of my doctors (which ended up being the same two neuros.) And the neuro may be able to get the insurance company to give you an exception because of your condition. If not, the Navigators on this site may be able to help you find a pragram that will help you. But you need to get in to see a good neuro, preferrably one specializing in MS, and have an MRI. That's the only way that they can tell conclusively. 

  • Nelly77
    You need an MRI. You have a family history of MS and many of the symptoms of MS. A competent doctor would order an MRI and get it approved by the insurance. If the doc you are working with won't order it, then switch doctors. I can't stress this enough: you need to be an advocate for yourself because no one else will do it for you. Even though this is a medical setting, YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER. If you aren't getting good or even adequate care, SWITCH doctors. Healthcare isn't free, so you have the right and the duty to yourself to take your business elsewhere. If you do have MS, the sooner you start medicine for it, the better your prognosis, so DON'T DELAY. you owe it to yourself and your child to take care of yourself!

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