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  • msdawn2u
    Has any one experienced a stabbing pain in the ear.  This pain doesn't last long just comes and goes at times.  I am noticing different things happening lately and I have been dealing with MS for just about 20 years now.
  • maria1
    Anon.... A quiick and easy way to find out if it is ms make believe, is to put a little listerine on a qtip and swab the ear, if it is an ear infection you will begin to get some relief.
  • msdawn2u
    I am curious as to what the listerine does that it gives relief.  I did go to my family dr a few months ago and ear was clear--checked for strep (negative) but was told it looked like TMJ.  I wasn't going to take that reason because the noise she based her diagnosis on I have heard since I was really young(I am now 47)---Things are changing with my MS lately(stress) and I was wondering if this could be just one more issue I have now.   I do see my MS dr this afternoon so I can see what he thinks it might be.
  • Emily_H
    Have you been checked for trigeminal neuralgia or geniculate neuralgia? Any face pain or pain behind the ear? 
  • msdawn2u
    YOUR GOOD, I did have an appointment yesterday and that is exactly what he said (trigeminal neuralgia).   He wasn't really happy that my general family doctor let me go for over 3 months with  a (TMJ) answer.

    My bad--I don't like to blame things on MS so I never even thought that the stabbing ear pain could be a result of it.  So long story short he put me on some kind of seizure medicine and said it should stop and if not to call back.

    I have had MS for over 20 years and new things are happening to me now first. (AGING KINDA SUCKS)  I am going to start seeing an accupuncturist starting in February so I will see how that goes.

  • Emily_H
    You're welcome- I knew what to suspect because I too have TN, in the left with along with atypical symptoms. 
    Tn is due to a few possibilities:

    -vacular impingement
    -demyelination (though this accounts for a small percentage of patients with TN- it can be attributed to MS)
    -idiopathic... this is the case for most TN sufferers. 

    My TN combined wiht other clinical symptoms and scattered MRI white spots are what Mayo is using as dx criteria to check for MS.
    The med you're talkign about is tegretol (carbamazepine). I have yet to try it, waiting to get through all this other testing first. I am not sure of your dosage but most TN people will say to start low at bedtimes then see how well you function the next day before adding more. Also, for me baclofen added dose and valium help calm my TN at times in case you need other meds. 
    Praying all goes well! Here is a good site for TN info:
    Take care, hugs! Message me if you ever need to chat about it- I know it's a hard condition to describe to others, sort of takes over your head at times, ha! 
  • helebon
    Hi, I have had one big MS attack and during my vertigo I had many ear symptoms including ear pressure fullness which I opened my mouth to equalise pressure,  pulsating 9heart beat speed) warmth inside ear, felt like something moved in the left ear.  I never expereinced any ear symptoms before this. My left ear has been pulsating now and then since this big MS attack and I think it may be eustatian tube dysfunction.. 
  • bobie77
    Yes. Just two weeks ago it started. Happens every day now but not always in the ear but behind it. Getting worse

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