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  • Christie_Luv
    I have had RRMS for over 6 years.  I am doing really well on my therapy since changing three years ago.  However, I just started experiencing pain in my hips and legs.  I don't know if this is an MS thing.  It has kept me up at night.  They aren't constant, stabbing pains, more of a come and go throbbing pain.  It just plain hurts! 

    I am in good health and exercise regularly.  I am thinking that it is a symptom because I just missed 9 days of my therapy because of my lovely health insurance company!  Isn't this why we try & order refills early because of this bull! Today will be 1 week back on the meds, so hopefully this will go away.  Can anyone comment to this pain?
  • maria1
    Hello Christie,  Pain! One orthapeadic guy said I was a candidate to replace both my knees, another said I was a candidate for partial knee replacement. Then because I think having someone saw my knees off and put in metal is kinda disgusting I did nothing, then when the pain got so bad I went for another opinion, I asked for the youngest smartest person they had, he, says he will not replace my knees. That was about three years ago, then about a month ago I went back to him, and had x rays to back up the mri i had years ago and still he said no, even looked at my hip. I eid get shots in both my knees, with stuff to fill in for the missing cartilage.

    He did notice the weakness though and set me up for rehab, so, i got a person coming three times a week, giving me ultrasound on one knee and exercises. The impression is that I aggrivated some nerves in my back by all the yoga I was doing. So now I am doing exercises for my arms, legs and back three hours a day besides the extra stuff the rehab person has me do at the visist. It is only a week, it is hard work, and so far there is no change.
  • MS Navigator Jess

    Hi Christie,

    I'm sorry you're feeling the pain that you are experiencing, that sounds really frustrating!  Pain (as you probably know) is one of the most common symptoms of MS and can certainly vary in terms of what it feels like, where it's located.  If you haven't already, please let your doctor know that you're experiencing a new symptom, it's always good to double check that there's not something other than MS going on.  I'm going to move this post to the "About MS" section so that you might get a few more responses from people who have experienced this type of pain.

    Have a great day!


  • gigi1
    Hi Christie, It's amazing that your experiencing the same thing I am.  I went through the Steroid treatment because we thought is was that.  After that it still hurt and starting getting worse.  It go to the point were I couldn't walk on it at times.  After 4 months of agony, from the pain and insurance they finally saw that my left hip collapsed and the right on is about to.  The orthopedic Dr. says it can come from the use of Steroid's.  I'm dealing with this now, so be careful and get an MRI done.  Good luck
  • Christie_Luv
    Oh my Lord, GiGi so sorry to hear about your hips. Hope you are in a better situation now. My hip pain has not been back since i got back on my copaxone regularly once again. Good luck and God bless you.
  • Christie_Luv
    I wish you peace with your impending move to florida. I hope your hips are healing well. YogA will definitly help you recover better than hittinv a gym, slow and steady.

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