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  • kc_carlson
    double vision and how was it treated?

    Beginning of Jan. I was told I have MS.
    I have double vision now, that is how I found out.
    I am American living in Japan.
    Did anyone else have double vision and how was it treated?
    What medicine did you take?
    Did it cure your double vision? 
  • michd2006
    I have double vision.  I am seeing an optho-neuro doctor for this.  In August I was diagnosed with optic neuritis in my left eye.  I couldn't do the IV steroid treatments because of my elevated liver function tests.

    The doctor I saw continues to follow me and told me it can take up to a year for the optic neuritits to resolve and what ever I get back by then will probably be all I get back.

    When this first happened I lost my peripheral vision in left eye, and I was experiencing double/blurred vision in the same eye.  My peripheral vision has returned but still having trouble with double/blurred vision, which I also had problems with before I was diagnosed with the optic neuritis. I have a prisim sticker on my left lens of my reading glasses which has helped alot.  I am returning to her next month for a follow up. The sticker is a trial to be sure it will help before I go through the expense of the actual prisim lens. There are also optical migraines, which cause double/reduced/blurry vision, this is something else they checked me for.  I don't know how they make the determination of which is which.  That is why they are the doctors and I am the patient!!!!

    I know that seeing the optho/neuro doctor is where I needed to be because they are experience with eye and neuro problems. 

    I hope this helps you, and I wish you the best of luck. 
  • Kailea

    I was diagnosed just over one year ago. I have double vision, and blurry vision. I already wear glasses. I've had four examinations now with opthalmologists and neuro-opthalmologists. (Initially. prior to diagnosis, it was thought I had a brain tumor, then some type of psuedo-tumor, because of extreme headaches lasting had to go quite often, even at the beginning). Anyway, double vision has been pretty much a constant.

    I now have, in my wallet, a prescription for new glasses with PRISMS. I was told the prisms will correct the double vision. Since I don't have the glasses yet, I cannot say for sure, but I was shown what it will look like in the exam and it looked so much better.

    Double/blurry vision is one of my least favorite symptoms because it is so fatiguing. Especially if you are trying to find/read things. Uggh.

    I highly advise you to get to a neuro-opthalmologist - or an opthalmologist who sees a LOT of MS patients (seek one out in a university center perhaps). Before your appointment, ask if they work with prisms.

    I've since discovered that this is not all that uncommon, and is not confined to us MS-ers.

    Good luck!
  • dalealan
    kc,  before I was diagnosed I had a short episode of double vision.  It cleared spontaneously.  Are you on a MS med now?  You might want to consider seeing an ophthomologist they may be able to treat it.  Double vision is fairly common with MS,  Dale
  • hippie
    I have the same thing it may sound dumb but I cover 1 eye and it seems 2 go away in 2--3 days inless but if I look at anything up close and don't close 1 eye I have bad pain down both sides of my head hope that helps intel next time GOD BLESS HIPPIE
  • Kailea
    Hi hippie (and anyone else with eye pain experience), I still don't have my new glasses (with prisms) and have some questions: 1. Thanks for the tip, hippie, about covering one eye. Do you mean with a patch? How do you choose which eye to cover? I've tried prolonged closing of one.....then both...then the other, but on their own, the blurriness/double vision actually seems worse. I know I can't read with either eye covered temporarily. Maybe that gets better with time? Does it for you, hippie? Has anyone else tried this and, if so, what was the result? 2.. Has anyone had any success with finding financial asssistance for glasses needed to correct an MS symptom? If so, please tell me because I need help!! The NMSS told my mom they'll only help with things like modifications needed to a home, NON-medical equipment (like an air conditioner) to help ease symptoms of MS, and emergency assistance for prevention of eviction, water turn-off, etc. Oh and Wellness Grants, for things like gym membership. I'm frustrated. My medical bills are thru the roof, and yes I have insurance. Not having the new glasses is one obstacle preventing me from driving...which is having all sorts of negative impacts on me. I could go on and on...but I won't ;-) 3. Eye pain. Can you please describe what you've experienced with a bit more detail? And, if you know a name for the type of pain you've had with your eyes that'd be great too! I'm Kailea...also a flowerchild Thank you all so much.
  • NanaSheri
    Hi there, I am new to all of this and hope you don't mind if I share my experiences and see if you have some of the same.  Shortly after my CVA (stroke), I experienced eye pain and double vision, except it was not side by side but up and down(stacked on top of each other). Two months later I still have blurred vision, tremors in my brain which make my eyes shake (blurs vision).  Acceleration of car (I cannot drive, but when husband drives) causes visual disturbances as well.  Something else which is hard to describe, but I'll try.  The newer horror movies, where the frames skip as the person walks - that is how my vision sees things, which scrambles my brain (causing tremors as it tries to catch up to what it sees).  I am so confused.  I had 4 CT scans and a neck and head MRI w/contrast in February and EEG in March - all clear.  Yesterday I had a brain MRA and this Sunday I have a brain and neck MRI.  I have fibromyalgia since 2001, but have had weird leg, arm, trunk- skin tightening/pain/crawing/goosebump sensasions  that last about a minute since 1997,which no doctor would or could address.  My Neurologist is looking at M. S.  
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