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  • alex34
    Hi to all!
    I’m 32 and 9 months ago in February 2013 I started to have dizzy spells which became almost constant. I would describe it as some kind of disequilibrium, a feeling of drunkenness like I had too much alcohol to drink but sober.
    In addition, a couple months later in April 2013 I started to have occasional pain in my muscles, legs and/or arms. The muscle pain is very localised in one random spot and can be replicated by stabbing your arm or leg really hard with your finger for example. I don’t know if it’s really pain, maybe more soreness like after an intense workout, weight lifting etc…
    In March I was in Europe and I saw an ENT which couldn’t find anything wrong. Then I saw a Neurologist and got an MRI which revealed 4 white matter lesions (See
    I returned to Canada in May and since, I’ve been randomly feeling all sorts of other weird symptoms which are mostly temporary and more inconvenient than debilitating. For example I sometimes felt I had trouble breathing like someone had their hand around my throat and were tightening their grip. That would last a couple hours. A couple times every month I’d have this really strong and sharp pain only in my left eye. Also, some minimal tingling in legs + floaters in my eyes + feeling I’m searching for my words (Tip of the tongue phenomenon) + stiffness in my neck + some kind of weird numb feeling at the tip of my left toe.
    I sometimes have headaches but not more than before. I don’t believe I’ve ever had vision problems apart from the pain in my left eye, definitely no optic neuritis. I do sometimes need a couple seconds for my vision to focus on a word or close objects (Presbyopia?). I bike 50 minutes every day to go to work and I have plenty of energy. I sleep relatively well BUT I think my symptoms worsen if I don’t get a good 8 hours of sleep.
    In Canada, I saw an internist doctor and spent an hour talking about all my symptoms. He says I can’t have Lyme disease because I’ve had no rash, no joint problem, no fever, no flu like symptoms. His conclusion was that I have an anxiety disorder. He says brain lesions are common and might not be the cause for my symptoms.
    In September I saw my first Canadian Neurologist who spent an hour questioning and testing me, Babinski sign etc. Nothing abnormal. I got a second MRI with contrast this time. The lesions have not changed in 5 months and nothing alarming to note with the gadolinium. That’s pretty good news!
    When I was 20 years old, I often went to raves and after-hour parties and took a couple different drugs. Over a period of 12 months, I must have taken 20 amphetamine pills + 5 ecstasy pills + tried cocaine twice. I know it’s bad, I regret it and would NEVER want my kids to do this! I found a study that shows 0.5% (1 in 200) young adults have brain lesions. That’s a lot! Scientists found a strong correlation between brain white matter hyperintensities (WMH) and amphetamines. I couldn’t believe it when I read this! My lesions could have been caused by drugs and absolutely not related to any demyelinating disease! That’s kind of good news!
    I’ve been a heavy smoker for 10 years and quit a year ago. Smoking could cause white matter lesions? Don’t remember if I read this somewhere.
    There are two conditions I’d like to get tested for: “chronic subjective dizziness” and “Vertical Heterophoria Syndrome”. In both cases, muscle pain is not part of the symptoms but that could be caused by anxiety which could be caused by one of either condition. It’s amazing to read about all the symptoms anxiety could be responsible for, basically every possible symptom in existence! Only thing is I don’t feel stressed, I have a pretty good and stable life. Can you have an anxiety disorder without feeling anxious?
    I got in touch with “Vision Specialists of Michigan” regarding Vertical Heterophoria Syndrome and I have high hopes this is what I could have! My eyes could simply be misaligned and I’d need a new pair of glasses which include correcting prisms. I scored high on their questionnaire and when I have symptoms and cover one of my eyes (so both eyes don’t need to focus), I really do feel the symptoms diminishing. I thought the placebo effect might be responsible but I tried it 3 times and the results are very similar! I’m going to an optometrist to get this tested soon. If I want to see an ophthalmologist, it’ll take 6 months or more in Canada!
    I want to get an electronystagmography (ENG) which is a diagnostic test to record involuntary movements of the eye caused by nystagmus. It can diagnose the cause of dizziness by testing the vestibular system. This could truly help diagnose my main symptom which is dizziness. I need a referral from an ENT.
    For some, migraines cause pretty nasty symptoms and can also cause lesions. I don’t really have headaches but there are “silent migraines” so that’s also a possibility.
    Lyme disease might be the “better” disease to have as it’s curable with antibiotics and can cause all my symptoms.
    I’ve been thinking about Multiple Sclerosis quite a bit which could be responsible. Do I have an autoimmune neurologic disorder? I hope not!
    Last on my list of possible diagnostic is anxiety which could be the cause to all my misery.
    With all these possible diseases and conditions, a healthy lifestyle is always highly recommended. Two months ago I started biking to work (11km a day). I’m starting yoga in 2 weeks. I’m trying to eat healthier and reduce inflammatory foods like red meat, etc…
    Some days I feel totally fine (35% of the time) and I never forget to thank my own personal god for a symptom free day. When I feel like crap, I repeat a couple times a day “Please allow my family and I to be healthy…” My mom has lung cancer so she could really use some good voodoo. I’m not religious at all but feeling like someone is watching and listening feels good.
    Questions – I’d greatly appreciate your opinions on any of the following:
    - What does the muscle pain feel like for Multiple Sclerosis? Soreness like you just did some major exercising? How would you describe MS muscle pain?
    - Even though I’ve never had a rash, no joint problem, no fever, no flu like symptoms, could I still have Lyme Disease?
    - Can you have an anxiety disorder without feeling anxious?
    - Only active lesions that stand out in MRI with contrast can be responsible for symptoms for MS?
    - Have you ever tried the electronystagmography (ENG) test?
    - Have you ever heard of Vertical Heterophoria? Do you know anyone that’s required prisms to fix an eye misalignment?
    Thanks to all! It feels good to be able to talk about it!
  • maria1
    Alex, jamais vu, i thought i sent you a message!  My cousin thought he had ms symptoms turns out he was biking too much & had to have back surgery instead. How is your posture when you ride?

    did the doc give u a blood test 4 lymeif not he is a quack get a new one

    muscle pain w/ms is usually caused by muscles in spasm, when the muscles sieze so thight, somecall it a charley horse

    have your ears been tested? do you have allergies, pain on the eyebrow area, try over the counter allergy eye drops if yes. bausch i think

    anybody look at your spine?

    how old is your bike seat? is it a good one?

    even if you have ms, all these other thiings could be going on too.

    do the simple stuff first to eliminate.
    needing eyeglasses could cause headaches-- see an opthomylogist too.

    i didnt do drugs til after i got ms.

    i smoked for 44 yrs and they say a big empty space in my brain is from smoking.

    i did yoga and agrivated the nerves in my back til i couldnt walk and had to go for therapy.

    hope this info helps, please let us know what happens ty maria

  • brneyes475
    I have the exact same kind of dizziness. I used to get it only once a month for a couple days, but a little over a year ago it became severe and constant. It is the same feeling you describe as feeling drunk, only I dont drink so that definitely isnt the case. When it first started I saw a neurologist who also told me it was probably anxiety. Then an ENT said it was possibly motion related migraine (since it also is triggered while driving). But truthfully nobody knows why I am like this because every test they do comes back normal. I am getting another referrel to a Neurologist now because of some other symptoms, including some changes to one of my eyes. I am getting an angiogram in my eye tomorrow so that should at least rule some things out (or in). I cant imagine having to wait 6 months for an opthamologist! I wanted an opthamologist because of their experience level and I got in the same day I called. Good luck, I really hope they nail down what is causing all of your symptoms. 

    I can tell you that I suffer from panic disorder, and while that causes alot of different things this dizziness/vertigo thing I have is definitely not caused by the anxiety disorder. Dont let them "label" you as a head case. Make them do their job! lol.
  • alex34

    Hi everyone!

    Just thought I'd give a quick update.

    Luckily my symptoms have been very minor these last couple months. Intermittent 1/10 I would say. I was supposed to have a checkup with my neurologist this summer but didn't feel the need to go. I probably still have brain lesions, abnormal VEP test but clear spinal tap test and the ocular nerve looked normal. So I do not have MS according to my neurologist. I'm still not sure what is wrong with me but I'm feeling good and intent to keep it that way. I take vitamin D once in a while, exercice everyday and try not to worry about it.

    All the best!

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