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  • debbie_d
    I had total knee replacement surgery at the beginning of December. The surgeon mentioned that I might experience an MS flare. My neuro was more concerned about my mental ability to deal with all that the surgery involved than the physical.
    Anyway, it's been almost 6 weeks. My knee is doing well, and I've made a lot of progress in getting back to being able to climb stairs, etc.
    However, I did go into an MS & fibro flare...increased numbness in my feet, severe spasticity in both legs and my back, and fatigue that even after almost after 6 weeks leaves me feeling as if I'm slogging through molasses.

    I am attempting to get out for a bit, walking around hardware stores or grocery stores with husband (how exciting). Within an hour, the fatigue hits and I'm done for the day.

    How long does it take for MS patients to get through this added challenge to healing from major surgery? I am frustrated and sad that this disease is interfering with my attempts to get back to "normal".
  • capitolcarol
    Hi, I had spine surgery in the middle of July.  Unfortunately, I am taking way too long to heal and am in constant back pain.  Of course, I did go into a MS flare.  I experienced increased numbness in my legs and severe spasticity,  to the point that I was falling on the floor.  My blood pressure has skyrocketed, I have trouble breathing, very fatigued, and have trouble sleeping at night,  I am frustrated, as well by all of this and neither the orthopedic surgeon nor the neurologist know for sure what and which is responsible, but it seems most likely that the two problems are working together to make things ever more difficult.  I am exercising and walking around at home.  I'm nervous about walking on the sidewalk in case I fall down and unfortunately my husband won't let me accompany him to the grocery store.  I am so tired and sad that I am not able to live a "normal" life.
  • debbie_d
    So sorry I haven't replied-I need to learn to navigate this site...

    Hope you've gotten some's so difficult to work through the discomfort/pain after surgery. Are you using an assistive device like a cane for stability? I too had difficulty wasn't the knee but the spasms and fibromyalgia that woke me constantly. Some of the pain meds helped the spasms a bit, but the fibro-that doesn't respond to much at all.
    Thankfully the flares have subsided, but it took at least 4-6 weeks before I finally felt relief. I still have spasticity, but that's a permanent part of my life now.

    I hope that you have gotten some answers/relief!!