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  • Andrea184

    has anyone got denied for ssi from the alj for relapsing remitting ms? i'm asking because my hearing in front of the alj is in a couple of weeks. 

  • MS_Navigator_Robin
    Hi there -

    A diagnosis of MS doesn't automatically make a person eligible for SSI or SSDI benefits, since many people who have MS aren't disabled.  It's a matter of showing that the symptoms of your MS cause disability that prevents you from working.  Even though you're applying for SSI, our SSDI Guidebook for People with MSmight be worth taking a look at; it gives good information about what information you can use to help show that you are disabled.

    Good luck!
  • mcampc62
    Yes I was denied from the beginning now it’s to late I think. I worked for 20 years as an operating room nurse and I was told I could not claim disablity because my husband made too much money? What did that have to do with my working for that many years before we married 
  • mcampc62
    Yes I have repeatedly been told I could not get ssdi for this disorder