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  • Ayesha-

    I'm thinking about having the Gastric bypass surgery for weight loss. I spoke with my Neurologist about it last and he shot it down quickly. I have the feeling that he was giving me his personal opinion rather than his professional opinion. My other Physicians feels it would be a great idea. I have yet to speak with actual surgeon though. Is there any advice you can give me?

  • MS Navigator Jess
    Hi Ayesha,

    Thanks for posting here!

    The information that we have regarding surgery is here:

    "The majority of people with MS are young, otherwise healthy adults, whose risks during elective surgical procedures are about the same as the general population. MS is generally not a reason to avoid having surgery.

    Most people with MS can tolerate standard anesthesia without undue risk. Special consideration may have to be made for the minority of people with MS who are severely disabled or have respiratory problems.

    There is no evidence that the stress of surgery will bring on an exacerbation of MS. An exacerbation-also known as an attack, relapse, or flare-is a sudden worsening of an MS symptom or symptoms, or the appearance of new symptoms, which lasts at least 24 hours and is separated from a previous exacerbation by at least one month.

    Generally, in the absence of complications, people with MS who undergo surgery do not find that it impacts their neurologic status. Infection or fever, however, may tend to aggravate symptoms of MS. Additionally, patients who have muscle weakness and who have been confined to bed for more than several days, may find it harder to recover from surgery. Physical therapy is often useful in these instances, and should be started as soon after surgery as recommended by a physician. "

    Taken from: Surgery

    I know that's not exactly about gastric bypass surgery, but in general elective surgeries are no more risky for people with MS as compared to the general population.


  • maria1
    Aye,  Before you consider letting someone cut into you, think about trying a daily dose of a good probiotic, one with a variety of flora and no fillers, like the stuff at a health food store. I have dropped more than 20 pounds this winter after starting daily doses. My appetite has diminished. Reduced portions have not even made me hungry with no cravings to speak of. Sometimes i hear my stomach growl and i dont feel the need to fill it up. It is the cheaper way out and no scars.
  • nomis08
    Hi! Just curious if you ever went through with it. I have been looking into the gastric balloons (orbera).