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  • eacosta
    Hello everyone. I was newly diagnosed this last Dec. I have been trying to find things to do around where I live to just be around people who have MS or know someone with it but it is harder than I thought. I do know that a MS Bike 150 is happening but realistically I won't be ready. I haven't been on a bike in years. However, I have made a goal! I want to do the bike ride next year. It is I believe a two day event and from where I would start it is 80 plus miles. So I come to this group to ask the question, what should I get in regards of a bike for this event? Should it be a mountain bike? I know that the one I would be doing goes through a State Park at one point. Is there clothes better for riding? I always see people riding with firm fitting clothes. Also, is there something I can get to hold snacks? I am a type 1 diabetic so the thought of my sugar going down on this bike ride is a concern. As for shoes, right now I have skechers which are suppose to be good for walking/running. Oh also I was wondering if there was a way to join a group getting ready for the event or how would I know about orientation. I saw there was suppose to be an orientation but I think I missed it. I know this was probably a rambling question post but any help would be appreciated! THANKS!
  • sherpa_doug
    Hey there! Cycling is a really empowering activity and depending on how deep you want to dive into it, it has an entire culture of its own.

    I would actually recommend stepping into an REI to chat up one of their bike people. They’re great at the “I’m new to XYZ activity” and will spin you up on the basics. 

    Armed with that kind of intro, where you can hop in the saddle (read: seat) of a mountain bike then a road bike then a hybrid, you can pickup the gear at a place that is easier on the wallet (they can be a bit pricey). I know that this answer is a bit of a lame redirection, but reading stuff online won’t give you the same understanding of what you want as hands on experience. 

    If I were to try to share some ideas with assumptions on my part... I’d say go for a road bike (faster and won’t make you work as hard as other bike styles) with drop bars (more hand positions for log rides). For clothes, try out mountain biking clothes as a bike shop of your choice, the pants will have chamois (read: padding, a must have for long rides) while most tops have extra pockets in the lower back (keep snacks here and you can reach them while still riding)!

    The most important thing is to feel comfortable on such long rides. You’re gonna be there a while, and being comfortable helps to make it the enjoyable experience that it should be! 😄