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  • saint-chaos
    Alright, so since I've joined this community, I've seen a lot of depressing posts about no one understanding (of course they don't understand, they aren't going through it) and the posts where newly diagnosed are trying to understand what they are going to go through (it's different for everyone, no one can tell you what you're going to experience) all of these things are great and fine, it is wonderful to have this information out there... HOWEVER it is my opinion that the best medicine for any ailment is laughter and a, in the spirit of such, I would like to hear some funny stories about your MS. I want to hear the funny story about that -one- doctor or that -one- person who said something stupid...or that one time when -you- did something and later you were able to laugh at it... Tell me yours and I'll Tell you mine!
  • krsma
    My son is 11 years old. Occasionally I do have balance problems. I might try to stand and fall back down , run into walls whatever. I'll say something like oh ms or im okay its ms. Well my son saw me falling down once and it really wasnt the ms that time. He knew it. I obviously just tripped over something and lost my balance really. So I blame ms. He says no no momma you used all your "ms cards" this week! Thought it was hilarious
  • stookey5757
    They sent me Copaxone my mistake I switched over to tecfidera anybody want a month supply of Copaxone for free
  • looneybiz

    Well, embarassing this is... but here we go. I have PPMS and as such, my bowels do not function like they should. Normally I'm constipated but when I do have to go, get out of my way because I don't have the muscle control to stop it. So there is the back story.

    My wife and I went on vacation a while back with her sister and one night, I decided to go to a sports bar to watch my team's game. I found a place that was right up my alley with just a bunch of dudes hanging out watching sports. Good beer, good food, and big TV's. My wife and sister in law came with me but I had brought my bike to ride back to the condo because they weren't going to stay for the whole game.

    They had left and it was starting to get into the later innings of the game when my stomach started to get a little upset. I brushed it off and kept watching the game. I started noticing the place was starting to get more people, which was weird to me, because most of the games were almost over. It happened all of a sudden. I was sitting and bam, I had to go and if I got up out of my seat, I was going to poop my pants...

    Naturally you don't want this to happen when there is a bunch of people around. So, I sat there and waited for the people to leave after the games were over while squeezing my buttcheaks as tight as possible! Only, more and more poeple were showing up. I was like" What is going on?" and than I look at the crowd (I had been focused on the game) and noticed it was no longer a bunch of dudes, but instead a bunch of young college aged kids filling this place. I started to become worried.

    They started moving stuff around when the games ended and a DJ set up in the corner. I was like "oh no". The place was changing from sports bar to night club and I was sitting there squirming in a lot of discomfort. It got to the point to where the place was packed and I was even hit on by a few girls and I was like "if they only knew".

    My body had decided it was not going to wait any longer, I had to make a mad dash to the bathroom. As soon as I stood up, sure enough, I pooped my pants. I made the mad dash to the bathroom where some unspeakable things happened. I was just sooooo glad there wasn't another guy in the stall because this place only had one stall. I finished and cleaned myself up best as possible. It was such a small bathroom and as I exited the stall and did the "walk of shame" for the smell I had caused, one of the college guys said "man bro! you blew this place up!" but I just smiled washed my hands and got out of there. I then ran outside to my... bike. Yes, I had to ride my bike back to the condo after I had pooped my pants.

    So, you wanted a funny story, there is one at my expense! Hope it made you laugh.

  • krsma
    You are completely correct in stating how depressing this sight can be.
  • stookey5757
    Got a month supply of Copaxone for free it was sent by CVS Caremark in error and they told me to throw it away you know anybody that wants it
  • nursep
    I think a portion of depressing posts are probably due to people using this as their sounding board and they can complain or let feelings out freely and that way they can have fun with friends and family because they got out their fears frustrations etc here so they dont have to talk about them later when they could be having fun instead